Goodvest is on a mission to build a sustainable investment platform committed to fight climate change: 100% personalized & transparent. Backed by the founders of Ornikar, Tiller &, they’re growing fast with +1k retail investors and €9m+ investment inflow in only 8 months.

  • +€9m invested from +1k retail investors in less than a year (+250% growth in AUM 2022)
  • Backed by the founders of Ornikar, Tiller &
  • Cofounder Joseph Choueifaty Forbes 30 Under 30 (France) - 2022
  • Part of the Future 40 (40 most promising startups from Station F)


91% of French people are worried about climate change. But most of us are unaware that the average French person's savings generate 11T of CO2 per year: the equivalent of +10 flights from Paris to New York.

While only 0.2% of funds are aligned with the Paris Agreement, 76% of people believe in the impact of investments. With a savings rate close to 20% in France alone, the market is large.

This is why the founders founded Goodvest: a savings solution committed to the environment. Goodvest goes beyond labels, exclude harmful sectors & analyse the carbon footprint of every company. Goodvest estimates that its portfolios are in line with a climate trajectory close to 2°C, in line with the Paris Agreement.

Its digital solution provides personalised & transparent savings, allowing clients to choose responsible themes they want to invest in. Its fees are competitive in the French market: max 1.9% of assets under management. By receiving 0 retrocession from asset managers, Goodvest aims to provide an unbiased fund selection.

Backed by top investors, incl. Super Capital VC and the founders of Ornikar, Tiller and, Goodvest launched its product with +€9m invested by +1k investors in less than a year. Goodvest has been awarded Impact Fintech of the year (2021) - from Finance Innovation & “TOP OR 2022” - Best SRI life insurance contract.


Joseph Choueifaty, CEO & Co-Founder: After graduating from Polytechnic-HEC Entrepreneurship, Joseph founded Goodvest to provide an investment solution aligned with his environmental values. He was selected this year by Forbes France “30 Under 30”.

Antoine Bénéteau, CTO & Co-Founder: A former cybersecurity consultant at KPMG, Antoine Bénéteau constantly develops and improves the Goodvest application with his Tech team. He successfully created the app in less than 6 months.

Aurore Jacques, CMO & Late Founder: A graduate from Science Po and ESSEC, Aurore Jacques created a fashion brand committed to the environment in 2019, before joining Goodvest to define and execute the marketing, communication and acquisition strategy .

Matthieu Silva Santos, Wealth Manager: An ex-private banker and wealth manager from Natixis, Matthieu Silva Santos advises wealthy clients and manages Goodvest’s portfolios.

Albane de Prémont, Head of Customer Care: Drawing on her experience in Customer Success and product at Heetch, Albane de Prémont advises Goodvest leads and customers with her Customer Care team.

Their team is advised and financially supported by top notch Business Angels and VCs including Benjamin Gaignault (Co-founder Ornikar), Julien Callede (Co-founder, Dimitri Farber (Co-founder Tiller) and Super Capital VC.


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