Graze are building an electric, fully-autonomous lawn mower for the commercial landscaping industry. VC backed, they've secured R&D partnerships and an est. $36m (~£28m) in potential revenue from LandCare and Mainscape, two of the largest land maintenance companies in the US, via conditional LOIs.

  • Our CEO has 35 years of industry experience and an exit under his belt
  • $36 Million (~£28m) in pre-orders from industry leaders (via cLOI)
  • Senior Advisor spent 39+ years at John Deere
  • Lead investor: Wavemaker is a global VC fund with $300 million


We’re building an electric, fully-autonomous lawn mower for the commercial landscaping industry. The $54 billion industry in the US is a very manual, low-skilled, low margin sector. Mowing is one of the lowest margin services offered with labor accounting for about 45% of gross revenue. The best companies in the industry generate only ~10% margins from mowing as rising wages and labor shortages drive costs up and heavy competition drives prices down.

Our industry-leading R&D partners, LandCare and Mainscape ($36 Million in pre-orders via conditional LOIs), believe that with Graze they may reduce 4-5 person crews to 2 people. This would allow them to increase operating margins, and win job sites in a hyper-competitive market.

Graze is a land maintenance platform. We're aiming to produce 100% electric, fully autonomous landscaping equipment as standalone products and modular mower attachments. Our products will automate the majority of landscape and maintenance service offerings, allowing our customers to hire and retain their most highly-skilled workers, to boost margins and to grow their businesses.

Additionally, we expect Graze technology will also track and plan around weather data, detect and defend against turf and plant diseases, provide data analytics and insights to its customers, and manage mower fleets with AI, thereby providing a reduction in indirect labor costs.


John Vlay, CEO

Led Jensen Landscape as Chairman, CEO, and President for eleven of his 35 years with this award-winning landscape construction and maintenance company. Under John’s leadership, Jensen acquired a maintenance company in 2008 to extend its geographic reach to Sacramento and the North Bay before selling Jensen Landscape to private equity backed Monarch Landscape in 2016. There, John oversaw Safety for Monarch’s six rollup companies in five states and worked with the Monarch CEO on acquisition prospects.

Phillip Wong, Principal Engineer

Prior to joining the Graze, Phillip spent 6 years as the Lead Engineer of Knightscope, which raised more than $25 Million in equity crowdfunding, making it the most successful equity crowdfunding campaign to date.

Robert Laveau, Senior Advisor (ex John Deere)

Before joining Graze, Robert spent over 39 years at John Deere working across a range of managerial roles, most recently serving as the Partnering Strategy Leader for John Deere’s Global Turf & Utility Platform.

Buck Jordan, Chairman Lead Investor

Buck has extensive domain knowledge as an investor in robotics and automation. He is a Partner at Wavemaker, which is a global VC firm with more than $300 US Million in Assets Under Management.

Rob Anderson, Advisor

Head of Mechanical Engineering at Miso Robotics. (Previously SpaceX and Microsoft)