Green Build Systems is a manufacturer that is developing a game-changing hydroponic Vertical Farm solution for restaurants, supermarkets and the hospitality sector. Called the Vertiplex, it will have a low price point and a bespoke modular design to optimise yield and bring the farm to consumers.

  • Over £2M in EIS investment raised so far
  • Helps address UK's post-pandemic food scarcity and food supply challenges
  • Collaborating with Worldfresh, UK's leading fresh food supplier
  • The global Vertical Farming market is growing at 24.6% a year CAGR


The world is facing increasing food scarcity and food supply challenges that are being exacerbated by climate change and a growing population.

A potential solution to this problem exists in Vertical Farming (VF), which can produce a 10 to 20-fold greater yield per acre than traditional farms, whilst using up to 95% less water.

The global Vertical Farming is currently worth $5.5B. With current growth at 24.6% per annum it is expected to reach $12.77B by 2026.

Many VF's that are currently in operation have been made by retrofitting old shipping containers but these units are expensive, large and ill-suited to maintaining a controlled growing environment.

Green Build Systems is developing a bespoke VF that is modular, stackable and small in size. At less than £25,000 per unit, the company believes it will be potentially attractive to restaurants, supermarkets and the hospitality sector, whose customers can pluck food produce straight from the vine and onto their plate or shopping trolley.

Green Build Systems has experienced agronomists and engineers on its team and the company has collaboration agreements with the likes of Worldfresh, one of the UK's leading suppliers of fresh produce, and GE Current, a Daintree Company.

Green Build Systems believes that its product will be a game-changer within the rapidly expanding Vertical Farming industry.


Key DirectorsEdit

Paul Keightley (part-time), Chairman – Former Energy sector professional . Former MD and owner of Total Energy group of companies.

Alexander Pearce, CEO - Construction and real estate entrepreneur with a keen interest in sustainability.

Daniel Seehye LLB LLM, Director of Marketing – Responsible for marketing, social media and administration.

Matthew Burke, Director of Investor Relations – Responsible for sales, business development and client relationship management.

Key AdvisorsEdit

Sean Molloy, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer - Several years of professional experience across the oil & gas, chemical production, and horticultural industries with an engineering management & mechanical design background.

Jason Hawkins-Rowe – Jason has several years of experience in agricultural research, agronomy and vertical farming. Jason has designed vertical farming prototypes for several years and in 2017 his company won the EADT Small Business Award and was a finalist for the business of the year award.