Cadello is a new, category-defining spirit produced by a 150 year-old family-owned distillery in Italy. A unique flavour boasting 8 ingredients ‒ perfect neat or in cocktails. Distributors in the UK and Italy, with more coming in France and China. Funds will support our continued, fast-paced growth.

  • Highly experienced and expanding management team
  • Growing across the UK and Italy, with unexpected demand from abroad
  • 1st major order from China. Partnership with premier distr. in France
  • Opportunity to invest at past valuation. Next round in 8 months. will be significantly higher


Cadello is a new, unique spirit inspired by the question:

“What spirit would wealthy 18th century Venetians have served at their lavish masked balls?”

We spent 3 years working with Distilleria Pisoni, a 150 year-old family-owned distillery in Italy, to develop Cadello’s unique flavour profile.

8 natural ingredients from Italy and places along the old Silk Road are infused, distilled, blended and aged in French oak barrels (with coffee beans inside) until the right depth, complexity and smoothness is achieved.

The long, 60-second finish takes you on a journey, unveiling flavours of coffee, chocolate, star anise, mint and vanilla, with hints of caramel and hazelnut.

Initially, we targeted only the UK and Italy markets until 2023. However, we already have significant opportunities in France and China.

Following a test launch in Switzerland in 2018, we have:

  • Launched in the UK in 2018
  • Launched in Italy in 2019
  • Partnered with one the premier distributors in the South of France
  • Received our first big order from China (happening now)
  • Hired UK and Italian Brand Ambassadors
  • Hired Head of Marketing

Funds will support our continued fast-paced growth by allowing further investment in sales and marketing through: PR, social media, advertising, trade shows & tasting events, bartender competitions and direct marketing to key accounts.


Matt Dunn, Co-Founder

Matt has over 15 years’ experience in finance, supporting dozens of businesses. Through previous positions at JP Morgan Chase & Morgan Stanley, he's helped to buy & sell, invest in & advise early & later stage businesses.

Patrizia Stangl-Caruselli, Co-Founder (Part-time)

Also Co-Founder of Spark Marketing Entertainment, a global business engaged in many services, inc product placement & celebrity endorsements.

Margarita Maier, Head of Marketing

Highly experienced director of marketing, versed in leading brand strategy, positioning and go-to-market activations. Strategist with proven success in driving early adoption of emerging innovations in the food & beverage industry.

Luigi Albano, UK Brand Ambassador

Former asst. manager of legendary Blakes Hotel, London. 10yrs’ experience in the London restaurant industry incl Daphne's & Bocconcino.

Andrea Calla, Italian Brand Ambassador

Previously sales reps at Matthew Clark, one of the largest UK alcohol distributors.


Rui Teixeira – Owner, Pegasus Spirits

Former UK Brand Ambassador of Leblon Cachaca. Rui's contribution has been immensely valuable, particularly in introducing Cadello to UK distributors.

Elio Pisoni ‒ CEO Distilleria Pisoni

Since we formed our partnership with Distilleria Pisoni, Elio's input has been invaluable, from early stages of development through to launch of Cadello.