Wholesale Investor has entered into a strategic partnership with Hatcher+ (a leading data-driven global VC) to launch H+WI ANZ Fund. The Fund is targeting to raise $10M with strategy to invest in early stage venture fund -circa 75+ Australian/NZ startups, with funds reserved for international startups. H+WI ANZ Fund is a closed-ended fund with investment term of 8 years extendable by two extensions of 1 year each.

Key points for investors include:

  • Investors will have real-time visibility over the opportunities we are backing
  • Investors will be able to actively participate in any portfolio companies alongside the Fund, as they go through their various stages of capital raising.
  • Portfolio companies will have access to Wholesale Investor's ecosystem for future growth initiatives - Strategic, Commercial, Capital or International Opportunities

Hatcher+ is a venture fund manager that uses AI and deep learning to build the world’s largest, most diversified venture portfolio to provide investors with risk-mitigated index-style returns. Wholesale Investor operates a global deal marketplace connecting investors to deals underpinned by a deal marketing, deal management and data analysis platform.

The goal of the Joint Venture is to provide the Wholesale Investor ecosystem with access to the Hatcher+ model whilst investing in and being active with the next generation of Australian and NZ based startups.

Over the last decade, we have worked with many Founder-led startups that have become market leaders, creating incredible returns for shareholders. We have watched these companies not only secure capital from our ecosystem but work with investors, partners and advisors to navigate the startup path. This is the power of an ecosystem in helping to drive success.

Problem and SolutionEdit

The Hatcher+ and Wholesale Investor partnership provides a unique data-driven, platform and ecosystem approach to investing in and then adding value to investee companies.This will provide a distinct edge in the venture capital realm.

  • Capital growth potential - potential for significant growth in the short, medium and long term. Wholesale Investor clients success includes 8 Achieving Unicorn status and 64 Exits via IPO and M&A
  • Exclusive Deal Originating and Investment Management Process - Combined, the 2 companies have visibility of 10,000+ startups per year. H&WI has renowned deal sourcing capability with proprietary business process automation (BPA) technologies and artificial intelligence-based filtering tools. These unique solutions improve venture onboarding, selection, and process management, including performance monitoring, enable a higher quality of decision-mining and more efficient use of resources
  • Large, diversified portfolio – Though small portfolios sometimes out-perform - proprietary research shows that most small portfolios fail to beat the Nasdaq. Conversely, large (>1000 investments) portfolios deliver consistent, robust returns.
  • Early-stage investment focus – Evidence from research into over 600,000 transactions shows early-stage investments, while difficult to access, deliver consistently better cash-on-cash returns, assuming a large, well-diversified portfolio.
  • Accelerator powered returns - The fund shall only co-invest with incubators, accelerators, VCs with the proven track records and processes.
  • Ecosystem empowered – The combined ecosystems of WI and Hatcher+ provide a platform to access future capital, trade and international networks for accelerated growth and navigating the typical challenges early-stage companies face
  • Skills and experience - access to the investment management expertise of the Trustee and Investment Manager.

Highlights & MilestonesEdit

Investment Highlights

  • Access to a diversified venture fund with opportunity for risk-mitigated index-style returns
  • Combination of two AI and data powered finance platforms with significant synergies
  • Access to a global ecosystem of HNW and Professional Investors, along with relevant industry participants, to assist companies through their various growth stages
  • Part of the Fund allocated to Global Opportunities through the H2 Fund
  • Execution team with experience to deliver on the Fund strategy
  • Excellent track record -The Hatcher (H1) Pte Ltd track record consists of 6 exits to date out of 13 portfolio companies. Current status: 2 listings, 3 trade sales, 5 write-downs, 1 partial exit, 3 remaining. Projected y10 IRR is 21%.

Corporate StructureEdit

The Fund is an unregistered unit trust established under, and governed by, Australian law. The Fund is established under and governed by the Trust Deed and applicable laws.

Legal representationEdit

CS Associates Pty Limited

Exit StrategyEdit

The offer is an Wholesale Managed Investment Scheme structure.

H+WI ANZ Fund is a closed ended fund with investment term of 8 years extendable by two extensions of 1 year each.