H2GO Power is an award winning cleantech company, that develops green technology using its proprietary hydrogen storage technology and AI platform. Its mission is to provide clean reliable power from renewable sources, aiming to bring profitable social and environmental impact to millions worldwide.

  • ~£2.3m already invested in R&D
  • Potential Hydrogen market estimated at $11Trillion by Bank of America
  • Mature business and technology, owns a portfolio of 2 granted patents and 11 pending
  • 70 project enquiries globally in the past 4 months


The global hydrogen generation market size was valued at USD 117.49billion in 2019 and is anticipated to record a revenue-based CAGR of 4.32% over the forecast period.

H2GO Power is an award winning spin out of Cambridge University. We developed an innovative Plug&Play hydrogen-based energy storage solution, that combines revolutionary hydrogen storage technology with AI technology to optimise generation, storage and energy usage.


  1. £~2.3m invested so far in R&D
  2. Signed an MOU for a 1.5MWh storage project in Orkney Islands
  3. Successfully tested drone flights with its world first storage tech
  4. Secured funding for 2nd generation manufacture and flight trials for drone storage systems and working on delivery
  5. Secured development partnership with Autodesk

70 customer enquiries in the past 4 months for both energy storage and drone products

Mature technology and business, owns 2 granted patents and 11 patents pending

Hired Tier 1 team of 10 people MIT, Cambridge University, Imperial College London and industry eon, RWE, Jaguar Land Rover, McKinsey&Company

Recognised and featured in: The Financial Times recognised our CEO as a Top 100 influential Woman in Engineering in the UK and Europe, World Economic Forum, MIT Technology Review, received the best energy start up award at the Global Hello Tomorrow Summit and others.



Dr. Enass Abo-Hamed: CEO, Co-founder

11 years business and R&D experience (PhD, Cambridge Uni), Financial Times 100 women in Engineering, Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow

Luke Sperrin: CTO, Co-founder, PhD (in progress, Cambridge), 10y+ R&D experience in hydrogen and fuel cell materials

Shinichi Nikkuni, MBA (Cantab): Co-founder (Part Time)

Extensive experience, finance, VC, management and utilities, previously at Mackenzie & Company

Jonathon Blackburn: Co-founder &VP- Business Dev (Part Time).

Experienced in business & finance (Renewables M&A @E.O.N)

Advisory Board:

Prof. Nigel Brandon, OBE FRENG

Dean of Engineering at Imperial College London, Founder Ceres Power

Alex O’Cinneide

CEO, Gore St. Capital, exMD, Masdar Capital

Vincent Gilles, ex-MD Energy research Credit Suisse, CIO Clim8

Noel Hurley: VP Strategy, ARM

Didier Martineau, CEO, Sothic Capital Management

Rachel Bravard: ex-Commercial Director, GE


H2GO Power was founded with great vision behind it: to fill a gap that exists in the world when it comes to countering climate change with breakthrough technology. The growing commitments from governments on achieving aggressive decarbonisation targets, drives a huge demand in changing the way we produce energy and consume it. Hydrogen leads the way as a solution due to its zero-emission nature and so is central for the energy transition.