Hannun’s D2C platform sells furniture & home goods from local artisans that are good for the environment and society. Join us in our mission to put an end to fast furniture and its 10M tonnes of waste produced every year.

  • Sales during the last 12 months to Oct. '20 reached 3.0M€ (3.5x YoY growth)
  • Gross margin 47% (Jan. - Oct. 2020)
  • Social Community: 500K+ followers
  • 32% international sales between Jan. and Oct. 2020


In Europe 10M tonnes of furniture are thrown out every year, it is estimated that less than 5% is recycled. Hannun's mission is to put an end to this fast-furniture madness.

When Maurici, the founder of Hannun, returned to Spain in 2015, he experienced the difficulty of buying sustainable furniture online. So, he decided to build his own furniture and sell it via his social media account. He received 5 orders in only 5 days. Hannun was born.

Hannun is a digital-native brand that designs, manufactures and sells ethical furniture, via its own platform. Our network of 25+ artisans, based in Europe, uses eco-certified, non-toxic and recyclable materials. And thanks to our technology, on average we ship within 5 days!

As per management accounts, in the last 12 months to Oct. '20, sales reached €3.0M, 3.5x growth YoY, our EBITDA reached -€1M.

In 3 years, we have built a magnetic platform (5M+ annual sessions) and a relevant catalogue of 258 unique products. Besides, our warehouse-free business model is capital efficient, because our outsourced artisans ship directly to customers.

With our values and social media strategy, we think Hannun is well-positioned in the €30Bn+ online European furniture industry (+8.1%/year market growth expected until 2024).

Your investment will help us accelerate our expansion plan, through an ambitious international marketing plan and an improved supply chain.


Joan Álvarez - CEO:

Joan founded 6 start-ups, including StartupBus and has 8-year experience in managing teams. He raised €1.5M+ funding and contributed to the growth of several tech start-ups.

Maurici Badia - Founder & Chief Cultural Officer: Defines Vision & Creative Decisions

Prior to Hannun, Maurici worked in pharma, at Venair and in biotech, at AB-Biotics.

Jose Sola - COO:

Jose has 10-year retail experience (Decathlon, Leroy Merlin) and he also worked at Demium incubator.

Mario Barreiro - CTO: Builds Systems & Automates

Mario has 20-year experience developing business software. He also has degrees in product management, customer service and sales.

Pierre Maynial - CFO: Financial Analysis & Planning, Investors Relations (Part-time Freelance)

Pierre has 8-year Corporate Finance experience, as a former investment banker (CA-CIB, Lazard) and in Retail (Casino Group). He led several mid-cap and large-cap transactions. In 2019, Pierre funded a Toronto-based Fintech (Reinfund).