Hemper wants to be a regenerative fashion brand based around hemp artisans in Nepal. They aim to shape a project that weaves an ecosystem of social, cultural & environmental impact. Their business model has so far achieved 19%YoY growth and they aim to scale up to become a global sustainable fashion alternative.

  • Fashion B Corp brand in Spain.
  • 415.000 € funds raised in the past including through la “bolsa social”
  • BP with 5 different sales channels. Sales grew 19% in '21, new channels grew 376% to €186k
  • More than €1.37m total revenues in +30 countries since started, €281k in '21.


Hemper was born after our founders, Gloria & Alex, took a trip to the Himalayas of Nepal where they formed a deep bond with the artisans who worked with the magical material of hemp. Hemper was created with the idea of using hemp as our main material.

We believe that hemp is the most sustainable plant used to create fabric: growing wild, using 4x times less water than cotton, no need of chemicals in the harvest, and one of the best tools in Carbon sequestration.

In our experience, the communities devoted to hemp in Nepal are vulnerable communities due to poverty. Through our supply chain we aim to create wealth, empowerment and a future; with the objective of transforming artisanal hemp into a sustainable industry. Our mission is to recover the culture, tradition and industry that in our opinion is at threat of disappearing due to globalisation & rural extinction.

The global industrial hemp market size was valued at USD 3.61 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.2% from 2021 to 2028, 25% of which belongs to hemp textiles.

5 years and a global pandemic later, after raising 350K€ in funding in 2019, we have sold in more than 30 countries and our revenue has reached €281k (-€45k loss in 2021). Our audience has grown to more than 100K followers across our social media.

Our goal is to bring back to fashion sensitivity and cultural burden.


Gloria Gubianas: CEO & founder:

She has developed a business strategy, with the goal to position Hemper as a pioneer of sustainability. In 2019 she was chosen as “Women entrepreneur of the year” by Chanel Foundation. She is in the Nova 111 list, among the most talented youth.

Alex Pastrana: Creative Director & founder:

The main project driver. He is in charge of collection and brand strategy. He has a hybrid profile with studies in Cinema & engineering.

Myriam Ponce: Product

Previously a buying and production manager at Zara kids accessories.

Jordi Martinez: Brand

He founded his own film production company, and then he moved to London to focus on creative direction, helping established brands in fashion and advertising (e.g. Cannes Lions) shape their own brand narratives.

Arantza Ibarra: Financial

She has 20 years of experience in accounting, finance & auditing. She started as an auditor at EY, evolving later to positions in controlling, and finally as accounting & financial manager in Spanish SMEs.


Pedro Corrales: Ex-director Spain & Portugal at Cosan Lubricantes.

Juan Kariger: Managing Director M&A & Financing director at private equity

Maria Lopez: Social innovation consultant & development expert of business solutions against poverty.

Jorge Bolívar: Founder and CEO of ETS factory.