Her.9 plans to be a revolutionary DTC brand that looks after the holistic needs of woman during pregnancy. The prenatal supplements market is set to be worth $56 billion globally by 2024. Her.9 will utilise DUOCAP technology, and plans to be scalable through award-winning partnerships.

  • Scalable through award-winning partnerships
  • The prenatal supplements market will be worth $56 billion by 2024
  • Branding by Pearlfisher, two times winner of the DBA Design Effectiveness Award
  • Strong leadership team, including tried and tested disruptors


Her.9 is a challenger brand to the UK prenatal care industry. We think the prenatal industry is neglected, and is in need of being re-energised. Research shows that up to 40% of women taking prenatal vitamins may not be able to absorb the folic acid within the UK’s leading pregnancy brand. Her.9 employs duo-cap technology, successfully used by a major US disruptor, & pairs our product with probiotics. Her.9 plans to gain exposure through effective marketing and partnerships.

The market agrees| Online DTC channels & product innovation are already disrupting the US prenatal market at an exponential rate.

Innovation| We're planning to re-energise this neglected sector by using innovative research and technologies.

Sustainability| We're an environmentally conscious brand using “refill’ philosophy to cut down on single-use waste. Aiming to be a B-Corp by year 3.

Femtech| Her.9 aims to leverage customer insights to mould its offering, enabling the well-timed promotion of its extended product portfolio. Additionally, we've partnered with an online pregnancy class provider in the UK.

Expert-led| We've built a leading nutrition & scientific advisory board who will work together, maximising exposure & credibility.

We're raising funds to build on our already established partnerships and execute our marketing strategy effectively.


Rosie Letts - Head of Product | Rosie is a leading nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. She brings her experience and a network of doctors, midwives and industry-leading professionals.

Hiba El-Mohbi - Head of Logistics (part-time) | Previously Head of Logistics at The Hut Group, she brings experience in executing business models and delivering on complex supply chain logistics to her role at Her.9. She has a wealth of experience in scaling brands globally.

Raj Sharma, Founder | Raj brings a wealth of experience, having successfully launched numerous versatile challenger brands, including Hiyacar (over £10m raised to date).

Dr Sarah Schenker - Advisor | Served on both professional & government nutritional committees. Features on Daily Mail, BBC, Sky & ITV.

Max & Henry - Founders | Co-founders bringing the scientific team and experienced entrepreneurs together, the Founders are focused on building a disruptive brand in prenatal supplements.

Daniel Gray - Advisor | One of the biggest disruptors of the cosmetic industry, Daniel founded WARPAINT for men. As a member of our board, he will provide strategic input, with specific expertise in partnerships and retail.

Commercial Partners

Lonza / Microz | Global industry-leading supplement manufacturer, with 107 facilities worldwide.

Pearlfisher | Worldwide reputation for design effectiveness.