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Her Roomies aims to be the go-to accommodation rental marketplace and community proptech platform for women. Founded in Spain, we're raising capital to develop our technology and expand our reach in Spain and the UK.

  • Our analysis indicates we are the first female-focused accommodation rental platform
  • Launched in Spain, entered the UK, now pushing for European expansion
  • Global prop tech market estimated at USD 521billion and with projected CAGR of 8.6%
  • We estimate our Total Addressable Market at 264 million females in the EU/UK/USA


Chiara knows firsthand how challenging it is being a female renter and wanted to provide women with more rental opportunities - all on a single platform, creating a safe rental ecosystem and community for women while also offering landlords a focused marketing and sales channel that targets female tenants.

Chiara reached out to her father, Nick Fraser, who has experience in real estate development and investment, - October '20 they launched Her Roomies together as a go-to accommodation rental platform and community for HER.

In Europe 30% of all people are renters. Of these 50% are women.

74% of 119 females we surveyed, said a female-focused website would rank highly when looking for a new rental.


Since launching our Spanish MVP we’ve seen positive traction. With less than €500/month in marketing, we have built our community of 4000 registered users.

  • Achieved 100k site visits since launch
  • Peak of 10k active users in Dec. 2021
  • Registered users MoM growth of 30% to Dec. '21
  • €708k in accumulated channelled transactions since launch (Jan.-Dec. 2021. pre-revenue & -€48k loss in 2021)
  • Site visits from more than 120 countries
  • Registered users MoM growth of 30% to Dec'21
  • Estimated total number of listings currently +44k units

With this raise we will aim to:

  • Develop our product and technology
  • Invest in marketing and team
  • Expansion in Spain, the UK/EU
  • Build our community.


Chiara Fraser - Chiara created Her Roomies after a personal experience in Barcelona highlighted the lack of and true need to have a safe rental space and full rental solution thought out and designed for women. Chiara brings her strong background in strategic concept development, brand management and building community initiatives, and large-scale event planning to the team.

Nick Fraser - Nick sees an incredible opportunity to establish Her Roomies as the de facto go-to accommodation rental portal for HER. He believes that the scalability opportunity, both in geography and content is very attractive. Similarly the opportunity to grow Her Roomies into a female lifestyle brand. Nick brings extensive senior-level cross-border real estate development and investment experience to the team. Nick's asset class focus has been student housing, residential, hospitality, tourism and offices.

Advisory Board

Victoria Bennett - has experience in marketing, brand and community building experience including Ariel at P&G, most recently with startups.

June Ohashi - Founder and CEO of Rezgo, a SaaS platform founded in 2007 to help tour and activity operators take bookings online.

Cherine Aboulzelof - Managing Director Head of Europe and a global Investment Committee member of BGO Strategic Capital Partners, the real estate multi-manager platform of BentallGreenOak.