Built by experts, trusted by athletes. Hexis’ novel nutrition system predicts your body’s needs & enables you to perform like never before. Our team brings expert knowledge to help more people realise their true potential. Join us in our aim of unlocking the future of sports nutrition.

  • Personalised nutrition market set to grow to £11.7bn by 2027
  • Democratising elite sports nutrition - complex science made easy
  • Beta system tested by 1,000 users
  • Olympians, World Champions & F1 coaches among early investors


Unlocking elite nutrition for the mainstream.

In the information age anyone can use advanced tech tools to exercise smarter. But up until now we believe nutrition hasn’t been part of that progress. Instead, gym-goers and amateurs search a bottomless pit of information – forever separating facts from fads and science from soundbites – to inform their nutrition regime.

Hexis provides you access to advancements in performance science, enabling you to fuel smarter, shift body composition and feel on top of your game.

Our co-founder and expert physiologist, Dr Sam Impey, published a paper in 2018 that helped to disrupt sports nutrition. Carb Coding, the ability to amplify your body’s response to exercise, enhancing performance, recovery and adaptation, was born. Nutrition had a breakthrough.

Using this system with pro athletes to great success, our CEO David Dunne saw an opportunity to democratise elite nutrition and share globally with athletes of all levels.

The Hexis Carb Coding AI removes the guesswork from nutrition by predictively personalising your requirements to the ever changing demands of your workouts and lifestyle.

Our beta system was rigorously tested by 1,000 users. In a personalised nutrition market set to grow to £11.7bn by 2027, the world is ready to fuel smarter.

We’re here to help unlock the future of nutrition so everyone can realise their body’s potential.


David Dunne, Co-Founder & CEO

Sports nutritionist, David has spent a decade supporting some of the biggest names in world sport, including Olympians and world champions.

Xiaoxi Yan, Co-Founder & CDO

Duke-NUS Medical School PhD candidate, and a Statistics MSc from UCL, Xiaoxi is working on innovative digital health and big data intervention techniques.

Dr. Rodrigo Mazorra, Co-Founder & CFO (Part-Time)

Entrepreneur, data scientist and UCL PhD, Rodrigo Mazorra is motivated by the creation of products for digital health and FinTech.

Dr. Carmen Lefevre-Lewis, Co-Founder & Head of Behavioural Science (part-Time)

Psychology PhD, Carmen works in behavioural science and has experience in UX research for a Nasdaq Top 10 tech giant.

Dr. Sam Impey, Co-Founder & Performance Scientist (Part-Time)

As an academic Sam played a role in establishing the effectiveness of carb coding in sport nutrition.

Dorota Jagnesakova, Data Scientist

Machine Learning MSc from UCL, Dorota drives the analytics and data insights at Hexis.

Dr. Brian Cunniffe, Performance Science Advisor

Brian is at the forefront of elite sport science leading various Team GB Olympic organisations and the British and Irish Lions.

Aman Kumra, Marketing Advisor

Aman works at Google UK as a Sales Consultant and is also an early stage tech investor.