Hinterview is a video platform which enables professional recruiters to engage and communicate more effectively with their target audience. We believe 'remote is the future of work' - accelerated by COVID19 - driving a recent rise in interest for our technology. The capital we raise will be used to grow and further develop our sales & marketing functions, as the business scales both in Europe and Internationally.

  • 61,000 Users
  • £1.6million invested to date
  • Some of the worlds largest staffing companies already onboard
  • Hyper-secure, Privacy by Design, Fully GDPR compliant


Built by professional recruiters, everything we do has the demands on the modern talent professional front and centre. Whether that’s agency, in-house or even college & campus recruitment, our platform solves a problem you may not know you have.

We offer a modern-day solution to diversity & inclusion challenges by giving candidates a chance to be more than just words on a piece of paper.

Full white-labelled, ultra-secure, cloud-based and ‘always-on’, describing ourselves as ‘like Zoom, but for recruiters’. Our dual-factor consent technology helps companies achieve GDPR compliance and best of breed data privacy & security protocols without breaking a sweat.

Key Milestones:

  • 61,000 Users
  • 230+ Active Contracts
  • £1.6m Investment from leading industry investors, including Russell Clements
  • 2 years Research and Development
  • 18.27 Months average contract length
  • Proven track record

The capital we raise will be used to grow and further develop our sales & marketing functions, as the business scales both in Europe and Internationally. As an established brand, we are looking to expand on our talented team. We are not looking for key hires, but to build departments internally to further improve our rapidly growing business.


In 2013, Andy & Rich launched a recruitment business, and made two bets: 1) video would soon change the way we communicate with each other forever, and 2) remote working would gather pace and become the rule rather than the exception within ten years.

Both bets look likely to come in.

The CV is a blunt tool - out of date & unchanged in 100 years. The foundation of Hinterview is to provide a best-in-class video platform, optimised for recruitment & interviewing.

A category existed under the ‘video interviewing’ title, but in our opinion, an obsession with automation and disintermediation lead these companies to lose sight of a key truth – that good recruiting is about good story-telling, and that robots don't tell very good stories.

To flourish in the new normal, we knew that recruiters must focus on the part of the process that the robot can never do -- the human : human bit.

After unsuccessfully trying every product out there, out of sheer frustration they built their own prototype, and Hinterview was born.

2 years of intense R&D followed, and 3 years & 12 consecutive quarters of revenue growth later, we believe we are one of most exciting growth stories in European tech.

We believe our velocity will be supercharged by the changes to daily life enforced by COVID19, and as the worlds slowly returns to normal, its clear that some things will never be the same again.