Employees struggle to see the value of their pension, and with 10m new savers auto-enrolled, the UK's workplace pension market is ready for disruption. Husky is working to unlock effective, responsible pension saving for all, with 1000+ firms onboarded, a 92% renewal rate & average annual fee of £438.

  • 3-year SaaS subscription model with a 92% renewal rate
  • Strong delivery relationships with 8 "household name" providers
  • Partnerships with 100+ industry channel partners
  • £5m raised from angel investors since 2012


People are demanding more control of their finances, looking to make their money work harder. And although pension savings are highly tax-efficient, employees don’t have visibility on how their workplace pension works for them. This is where Husky come in. Our free to use mobile app, H4E, aims to be the gateway to scheme choice & responsible investments - so employees can take control.

Furthermore, in 2018 employers were fined £68m by The Pensions Regulator. Being an independent, open SaaS platform, Husky supports employees whilst prioritising employer legal & compliance burdens within the platform, saving firms & their staff up to an estimated 88% of fees.

1.4m employers & 22.6m workers are affected by the UK’s automatic enrolment (AE) legislation. Within this market, a conservative estimate of fees charged on employees by pension providers is £2bn a year; Husky operates as part of this huge market & is ready to scale.

Our business model is proven; we've onboarded 1000+ firms, with monthly recurring fees to employers in a 3yr subscription model, boasting renewal rates of 92%. Until now, our sales model has been through partnerships with no direct marketing.

Revenue of £274k and -£975k EBITDA in FY 2019

By investing you'll be helping to disrupt the stagnant workplace pensions industry & empower all individuals on one of the biggest investments of their lives.


Brendan Shanks – CEO​ – has significant experience in banking and financial services with senior roles at Credit Agricole and ING Bank – he left investment banking to found Husky, in particular to address injustices afflicting the savings of ordinary people.

Steve Wilkinson – CTO – prior to Husky, Steve founded several start-ups including bootstrapped software firm Solutionforge, which was successfully sold to SimCorp A/S, a leading investment management platform for fund managers.

Robin Kilpatrick – VP, Engineering - has over 15 years software engineering experience, from Silicon Valley to Sydney, developing world-class FinTech solutions for start-ups and global asset managers including Sun Microsystems, Misys and UBS.

Olga Sala – VP, Product and Service​ - has 10 years' experience within the IT sector with a background in software development with a strong focus on agile product management and project leadership including roles at Axa Insurance, Diligent and Charles Taylor.