Hybrid Air Vehicles is the company behind Airlander, the world’s first full-scale hybrid aircraft and a key part of the future of zero-carbon aviation. By 2025, the company estimates that Airlander will fly with up to 90% fewer emissions than other aircraft.

  • Market independently valued at US$50 billion over the next 20 years
  • We hold letters of intent confirming interest in 15 aircraft
  • The team has decades of lighter-than-air experience combined
  • Airlander estimated to emit 90% less CO2 than conventional aircraft


Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) has been developing Airlander's technology since 2007 and has an established global lead. Airlander is a new approach to aviation that aims to provide low-carbon regional mobility, airborne cruises, logistics, and communications/ surveillance solutions. We calculate that Airlander can offer 10x cost and capability improvements in these challenges.

Our path to zero-carbon aviation:

  • Already flown at full scale with 75% lower emissions, based on HAV's calculations
  • Hybrid-electric version with 90% lower emissions planned in service from 2025
  • By 2030 we plan an all-electric Airlander 10 with zero emissions

The market for Airlander technology has been independently estimated at over US$50 billion over the next 20 years. We are focussed on securing launch orders, hold letters of intent confirming interest in 15 commercial aircraft and have deposit paid reservation agreements on 2, with defence proposals also under initial discussion with customers. Airlander 10 plans to be in service from 2024.

HAV is the only company in the world to have flown a full-scale prototype hybrid aircraft. Over the past 10+ years, we've spent £116m developing Airlander. We're now production-ready with a clear path to certification.

Airlander has been featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, Financial Times, New Yorker, BBC, GQ and Robb Report to name a few.


The HAV team is driven by a motivation to be key contributors to the future of zero-carbon aviation. We are working to create an aircraft that can provide transformative carbon emissions reductions in the near future.

Tom Grundy, CEO: Tom's career has revolved around finding efficiencies in aircraft. He has extensive experience of developing, testing, deploying & supporting new aviation technologies.

Mike Durham, CTO: Mike has 30 years’ experience developing lighter-than-air technologies and has been lead designer across numerous aerospace programmes.

Nick Allman, COO: Having begun his career training with British Aerospace, Nick has 30+ years’ experience in aerospace, including senior roles at Raytheon Aircraft and GKN Aerospace.

Hwfa Gwyn, CFO: Hwfa joined HAV as a Non-Executive Director before becoming CFO. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PwC, specialising in early stage & growth businesses.

Lt. General (Rtd) Richard Zahner, Advisor: Gen Zahner served as Deputy Undersecretary of Defence for Intelligence/War Fighting Support and directed critical institutional modernisation initiatives of intelligence & cyber forces and ISR capabilities.

Ken Miller, Advisor: Mr Miller is a globally recognised defence & aerospace strategist following a career with the US Navy & Air Force. He is a trusted advisor to DoD, civilian & federal agencies, and global commercial aerospace firms.