ID Finance - fastest growing FinTech in Spain and Mexico. After record-breaking Crowdcube round in 2019 for a Spanish Fintech, ID Finance more than doubled its business & turned profitable in the first 9 months of 2021 while pioneering carbon-neutrality. It just launched a new financial wellness app, Plazo, with a €400b market opportunity.

  • Fastest-growing Fintech in Spain 4 years in a row (Financial Times)
  • €103m revenue in 2020 (2.1x since 2018) & €96m revenue & 1.7m net profit for 9M 2021 YTD
  • 5m+ registered users (3.3x since 2019), adding an av. of 50k new users during 3Q21
  • First carbon neutral FinTech in Spain


ID Finance is a digital financial services platform with a history of growth.

  • Top alternative lending brand in Spain by online search & fastest growing FinTech brand in LatAm, 5m+ users, +€30m/month loan issuance
  • Largest round by non-UK Co. on Crowdcube in 2019; €5.4m
  • Industry-beating NPS of 70-78
  • YTD revenue €96m, profit €1.7m

It just launched Plazo, financial wellness app to tap into €400 bn market of Southern Europe & Hispanic America. This audience is primarily serviced by incumbent banks infamous for excessive costs for basic services (i.e. withdrawals, account fees). Plazo aims to disrupt this with a free online account & zero commissions card with cashback & discounts makes everyday shopping seamless & rewarding. In the future aiming to offer BNPL, saving & investing tools.

ID Finance can deliver – it has a deep understanding of customer base, expertise in credit risk management, proprietary technology & proven traction in building FinTech businesses. This year it turned profitable generating YTD profit €1.7m, a remarkable surge from -€8.5m loss in pandemic-ravaged FY 2020, we believe it was a clear demonstration of resilience & adaptability.

Over 25,000 Plazo cards issued within just a few months since launch in Spain; we aim to make Plazo available in Mexico. We believe Plazo is an opportunity to improve the financial lives of people.

Embark on this journey with us.


We are a strong team of over 450 talented and skilled professionals united by the vision of a prosperous future for all, led by an influential FinTech entrepreneur in Europe. We operate our own data analysis, software development, maintenance, and call centres in-house.

Boris Batin, CEO and Co-Founder

15y+ in banking & finance. Held senior positions at Deutsche Bank, Renaissance Capital and RBS in London, graduated from Cambridge University.

Alexander Dunaev, COO and Co-Founder

12y+ in banking and finance. Worked at Deutsche Bank in London, holds a CFA degree, graduated from Warwick University.

Inaki Perkins, Board Member

30+ years management experience in banking & finance, served as CEO of WizInk, and held senior roles at Citibank

Alessandro Ceschel, CEO Plazo

13y+ in digital marketing. He was the CMO of ID Finance, worked at Nestlé, Ulabox and startups.

Victor de las Heras, Group CFO

20y+ in finance. Worked at Pepper Financial Services Group, graduated from Alcalá University in Madrid.

Tim Kostin, Group CRO

13y+ in risk management. Held senior position at VTB, MTS and SaS.

Pavel Shareyko, Group CTO

15y+ in IT. Former Lead developer at Itransition.