IMPOSSIBREW®'s mission is to create the world's most complete alternative to alcohol that offers an experience beyond taste. They brew top quality, enhanced non-alcoholic beers developed for relaxation to take a slice of a market expected to reach £23.27bn in 2025, with sales growing +1,124% (Q4 21' - Q1 22').

  • Global non-alcoholic beer market to be worth £23.27 bn by 2025
  • First Alc-Free Beer to be awarded Gold at London Beer Competition
  • Studies suggest that 60% of UK 18-34s would drink no/low alcohol if it offered relaxation
  • Available on Amazon, Deliveroo and with a number of independent bars


What if you don't want to drink alcohol, but still want to unwind with a pint?

We launched IMPOSSIBREW® in 2021, one of the first nootropic enhanced non-alcoholic beers, brewed with our Social Blend™ designed for relaxation, without drowsiness. Developed with a leading plant scientist using nootropics and peer-reviewed active ingredients for a new way to unwind, inspired by time-honoured Asian remedies.

Being only 2% of the total beer market, non-alc beer is the fastest growing segment in the UK. Globally, it is expected to reach $23.27 bn in 2025 at a CAGR of 8.7%. In providing for relaxation in No/Low alcohol, we are rated 4.5/5 on Trustpilot with 350+ reviews across multiple platforms by our customers. Available on Amazon, Deliveroo and with a number of independent bars, we have been featured on the BBC, Metro, Business Live and MSN, as one of their top 10 non-alcoholic beers. Our appearance on Dragons’ Den resulted in £33k+ online sales in 1 hour and our online sales grew +1,124% from Q4 21’ to Q1 22’ (Revenue to date: £231.9k, P&L: -£61.4k).

The building blocks are in place for our expansion into trade channels and international markets.

This fundraise will allow us to expand our production to meet future demand and work to release additional beer styles and draught across the UK.

The alcohol revolution has begun and we are ready to lead the charge. The question is, are you?


United by our mission to do things differently, we are proud to be advocates of the new beer alternative category.


GB Young Entrepreneur 2021 (NE Finalist). Accredited French Wine Scholar, FWS (Distinction) with multiple WSET industry awards since the age of 18. Educated at Durham University. Praised by Dragons' Den's Touker Suleyman as "The Most Credible 24 Year Old Entrepreneur" [to have walked through the Den Doors].

"A love of booze led me to a professional career in alcohol that ended early because of my health. Missing the relaxing sensation of a tipple, I embarked on mission to create a true alternative to alcohol - starting from my University Dorm room in 2019."

DR PAUL CHAZOT, PhD FBPhS, Scientific advisor (part time) - 20+ years experience in clinical trials on novel solutions for CNS. Biosciences Professor at Durham University.

JIM CREGAN, advisor (part time) - Founder at Jimmy's Iced Coffee. 10+ Years experience in growing his own FMCG brand from the ground up.

THOMAS WINSTANLEY, E-Commerce & Operations Executive - Google-certified digital marketer. 2+ years experience leading the digital marketing and operations department at an online retailer.

JORDAN CHILDS, Brewing Consultant (part time) - Award-winning brewer in low alcohol.

CHRIS HELM, Investor & Advisor - FTSE 250 CFO.

JOHN RAKOWSKI, Investor & Advisor - Experienced Startup Product Marketer