More people died from other respiratory problems than from Covid in 2020. Inbentus has the intention of democratising medical technology by developing low-cost respirators. The company is ready to commercialise its first respirator internationally and is developing the second piece of ICU equipment to cover some of the foreseen global demand of $12bn in 2027.

  • The global market for mechanical ventilators is estimated to grow at a 16% until 2027
  • The Ventilator market is expected to reach $12 billion by 2027
  • The world population is expected to increase by 2 billion in the next 30 years
  • Granted financial aid for € 200K to non-refundable funds


Thousands of people die every day from a lack of medical respirators. These high-reliability devices are inaccessible to emerging markets due to their expense. COVID has made this problem worse.

Established at the beginning of 2020, we want to make respirators more accessible to less affluent populations. That's why we started INBENTUS.

In less than 1 month we've developed a COVID emergency respirator prototype that's competitively priced with the first units having been delivered to Latin American countries already.

Although our initial strategy is focused on COVID patients, several international studies indicate that respiratory pathologies will be a huge global problem over the next 20 years, due to:

  • Increases in world population by almost 30%.
  • Increases in life expectancy.

By 2027, €12bn+ euros are expected to be spent on respiratory medical technology which has sustained annual growth of 16%.

To meet this strong demand, we plan to start developing a new & improved high-performance respirator that's more inexpensive with the aim to achieve high penetration in Latin America & Africa in the coming years. Hospitals of public & private health networks are our main targets to obtain revenue.

Funds will be used to boost sales and complete authorization of our existing respirator, launch local campaigns in target countries and to develop our new, high-performance respirator product.


Rafael Valverde, co-founder & CEO

With more than 18 years of experience, Rafa has worked in all key facets in international projects of high technical complexity. An engineer and trained at IE, he is motivated by democratizing medical technology to make it accessible to all.

Juan Andrés Romero, co-founder & CSO

Juan is an awarded and recognized entrepreneur, founder of the engineering company CLERHP listed on BME Growth, he has revolutionized the construction sector by applying artificial intelligence. With training and experience in entrepreneurship, he is in charge of defining the company's strategy.

Jose Ramón García, co-founder & CFO

José Ramón is a senior executive in companies with a turnover of more than 300 million euros. He has extensive experience in finance and human resources as well as a high degree in IE.

Dr. Mariano Mnez. Fresneda, medical adviser

Mariano is the head of the ICU at the Reina Sofía Hospital. With more than 40 years of experience in intensive medicine and with the spirit of a young man who does not want to stop learning, he is responsible for the medical validation of the equipment.