Ixoriguè provides hardware and software to enable farmers to successfully track their cattle. Cited as one of the Top 20 Agritech startups in Spain after their successful pilot of over 500 cows, they are raising now to support their commercial launch across European and Latin American markets which they estimate to be worth €18,000 million.

  • There are 350 million extensive farming cows in Europe and Latin America
  • Our findings indicate that the EU Agricultural Policy will recommend monitoring in Farming
  • Founders have successfully scaled and sold global business
  • Aim to access to Latin America farmers through tech provider and shareholder, HEMAV


Ixoriguè is made up of farmers, technologists and economists who joined efforts to solve what we believe are the 3 key challenges farmers have: limited profitability, loss of time due to manual tasks and poor traceability of livestock data.

We have created a solution comprising of Hardware (collar sensor) and Software (farmer platform) to enable farmers to digitize their cattle. Cows location and activity data are collected, uploaded using NB-IOT and LoRaWAN networks (ideal for rural areas with poor or no network at all) to the server and processed to detect key behaviours or specific situations, such as illness, loss, death, heat, pregnancy or birth.

What started as a research and development project with Aragon Government in 2015, has turned into a sophisticated solution that will be ready for mass commercialization before the end of 2021. This comes after a 2020 pilot in which 500 cows were successfully tracked. Farmers from Spain & other countries in Europe and Latin America are registering their interest to access the product when we formally launch.

We've also had great national and local media coverage, highlighting Ixorigue's innovative solution, having already been cited as one of the Top 20 Agritech startups in Spain in 2021. Raising now to be ready for our commercial launch, increasing our marketing budget and optimize the solution for international expansion.


Ignacio Vallejo-Nágera - CEO

Bachelor in Business Administration from CUNEF. He was a Strategy Consultant at Accenture and Director of Business Development at StubHub (eBay). In addition, he is a co-founder of the startups Urvan (sold) and Micole.

Adrià Martínez Mayor - Technical Director

Electronic Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He was technical expert at HEMAV and electronic engineer at Roca.

Miguel Ángel López Peña - President

MBA from IESE. President of Investments and Engineering at Iconsa.

Board Members

Salvador García Atance - Doctor in Economics from the Complutense University and State Economist, with a degree in Economics from Oxford University. He was the founder of AB Asesores and president of Morgan Stanley Spain, in addition to occupying the General Technical Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy between 1980 and 1984.

Luis Martin - CEO of Barrabes Biz. MBA from the University of Deusto and Physical Engineer from the UCM. He was Director of Innovation at Microsoft.

Carlos Ferraz - Aeronautical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Co-founder and Innovation Manager of HEMAV.