Performing artists & musicians are in deep trouble. Covid has forced them to go online but the big streaming services often rip them off & pay a pittance. Jeeni is an alternative ethical platform where musical artists keep 100% of what they earn. Jeeni is live, growing and ready to scale globally.

  • Our team is responsible for over 500m record sales over the last 40 years.
  • Global streamed music subscriptions surged by 25% to 450m in 2020.
  • We offer our artists an ethical revenue share. Our competitors do not.
  • We have collaborated with award-winning contributors.


My name is Mel Croucher and I'm recognised as a founder of UK leisure software industry. For the past decade I've watched the sad exploitation of creative talent by the online streaming industry and I've quantified the pitiful payments received by the artists who make it all possible. Although the collapse of live entertainment due to Covid 19 is a disaster, it offers investors a distinct opportunity. With help from my experienced team and engagement from thousands of artists, we designed Jeeni as an ethical alternative to the hype, rip-offs and hypocrisy.

We released the Jeeni platform after a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2020. Our most recent online festival attracted an audience of 10k+. We currently provide 114 channels of entertainment, have 2,260 artist showcases, and have access to an audience of 2.3m+ via social media groups. Our monthly membership growth-rate is 3.9%. Unlike our competitors, we offer an unbeatable deal where artists keep 100% of all revenues they generate.

Jeeni benefits from 3 revenue streams: subscription-based memberships, streamed events and branded sales.

Our team has a proven track-record of success and we believe we've controlled the growth our business with care and prudence to date. This fundraise will be used to scale our global capacity, expand our social media systems and meet the demand for bespoke user-channels on the Jeeni platform.


Jeeni is the streaming music company founded by Mel Croucher, multi-media pioneer and founder of the UK leisure software industry, and by Shena Mitchell, founder of The Innovation Warehouse. Their combined vision is to identify raw talent, nurture it, and reward it ethically. They have used their extensive media networks and industry partners to achieve the successful launch of Jeeni as an artist development platform, and they have collaborated and gained a positive response from international and award-winning contributors, and newcomers alike.

The Jeeni management team is world-class. Mel Croucher has developed internet assets for superstars including Pink Floyd, Eminem, U2 and Van Morrison. Key members of the team also include Kelli Richards (contractor) who helped launch and manage Apple Music, record label executive Roger Watson (contractor) who is responsible for over 500 million record sales, Eddie Levy (contractor) who was a part of the management team of ATV Music the owners of The Beatles catalogue.

The Jeeni team has excelled in their respective fields and they are dedicated to giving the next generation of talent the opportunity to do the same.