Jobmate's mission is to deliver a super simple, low cost, low commitment app for sole traders and micro businesses (51,000,000 employed in the UK and US alone). This powerful automated work flow software and app has been designed to drive their businesses on the go and in the office.

  • Designed to integrate with accountancy packages
  • Technology scalable aiming to achieve 650k subscribers globally in 5 years
  • Sector neutral and adaptable to many industries
  • Led by experienced industry professionals


Our mission is to create a business advantage for SME’s to compete and manage more effectively, creating communities within skill sets that can cooperate and increase their work opportunities, saving them time on admin (we have estimated 4 hours per week) delivering a better lifestyle and higher earning opportunities. With the software just about at completion we’re well on our way to achieving this.

Running a self employed or small business requires the same amount of essential business functions to be done, but by less people. This adds time and pressure to the lives of those running them. We believe this sector is not well served with software to help reduce that time or stress with options available being either too expensive, too complicated or too limited in the area it helps.

  • Mobile Beta Developed
  • Full App due End of August 2020
  • Web App August 2020
  • First market play October 2020
  • 32 Investors invested £428,000 to date

With an ambition of 20,000 subscribers in Y1 and 650,000 by Y5. In a future where Covid-19 will affect all of our lives, technology will take a front seat in the way we run our businesses and with the competition being limited to smaller niche sectors Jobmate plans to take a front seat of its own.

We are raising funds to take our product to launch through the latest innovative digital marketing, established networks and distribution partners.


Led by Chris Dalton, Michael Smith and Wendy Dalton, Jobmate has a bank of industry specific experience. They came to the idea after seeing the way small businesses were excluded from the benefits of enterprise software currently available on the market, that often look to cater exclusively to the demands of larger businesses. As Michael and Chris have worked together for 20 years, as supplier, customer, competitor and colleague, it was the perfect project to combine with Wendy's design, development and compliance expertise.

Chris Dalton - CEO & CO Founder, Fortune 500 subsidiary company MD - International experience of logistics, technology, education and consultancy in both private and public sectors.

Wendy Dalton - COO & CO Founder Fortune 500 subsidiary operations director - International experience of manufacturing, logistics, project management, purchasing, consultancy in both private and public sectors.

Michael Smith - CCO & CO founder, Commercial Director of a data collection and mobile computing solution.