Kaelo is a new design company, whose first patented product is a dry-cold chamber that can be integrated into any surface, to serve a drink perfectly chilled. Over 2,300 units sold to date and a new experienced team in place led by Sir Richard Needham (ex-Dyson Deputy Chairman).

  • Rapid market acceptance with 240% unit sales growth in 2018-19 (pre-covid)
  • New executive team with experience from Dyson, Brita & Quooker
  • Actively selling in the UK, USA, Europe and across the Marine world
  • Patented product with a vision to create a new global product category


Kaelo is on a mission to establish a brand new, global product category around the drinks serving experience of the future.

An open bottle host, Kaelo is a dry-cold chamber that can be integrated into premium interiors to serve drinks at the ideal temperature. On the surface Kaelo is about keeping your drink chilled, but really it’s about bringing people together & the experience it creates.

Built here in the UK, Kaelo requires no ice, no water & no maintenance, & uses as little power as a lightbulb.

We launched in 2017 achieving rapid market acceptance with over 2300 unit sales to date, with almost no marketing spend.

After the success of 2019, Sir Richard Needham joined as chairman & built a team with execs from Dyson, Brita & Quooker. We are now focused on high-end kitchens (+£30k), of which we estimate 4.5m are sold every year, with a qualitative research study suggesting 70% of people in this market would consider Kaelo in their kitchen (see FAQ for details).

Today, we have 125 kitchen showrooms actively selling Kaelo in the UK, & distributors selling across Europe & US. We also sell in the Marine industry through the world’s largest marine refrigeration manufacturer, IWM.

This fundraise is to launch the Kaelo brand for the first time & work to establish Kaelo in the kitchen market. This will provide the foundations to allow us to realise our goal of reaching 37k units by 2025.


Kevin Jabou, Founder

Founder and inventor of Kaelo. Responsible for product development and the patent portfolio. Kevin is also the creator of the innovation-focused culture at the company.

Sir Richard Needham, Chairman

Former Deputy Chairman of Dyson, and on the Board for 15 years. He has extensive board experience and is a current board director for NEC Europe (the European arm of the publicly listed NEC Corp.).

Dave Yearsley, CEO

Joined as CEO in 2020. Formerly the MD Ireland and UK at Haier, where he created a new refrigeration product category and helped to reposition Haier as a premium UK brand. Prior to that he was Sales Director at Brita.

Neil Hartshorne, Commercial

Neil joined in 2016 and leads Sales. He previously held a similar role at Quooker, another new category home product, where he was tasked with identifying and executing a new market sector to expand the scope of the business.

Nigel Scott, Marketing (part time consultant)

Nigel was the European Marketing Director at Dyson and also previously held a senior role with Karcher UK. He started his career at Unilever where we worked for almost 10 years.