AI-based customer experience automation platform for financial institutions



  • Backed by Barclays Techstars and Independent Community Banking Association
  • Financial institution customers with AUM ranging from $100M to $2.5T
  • $130B market opportunity with a projected $25B for AI in Finance by 2025
  • Backed by VC firms such as Breega Capital and HoltExchange
  • Resale and innovation partnership with Finastra, IBM, Accenture-FIL
  • Advised by former CEO Banamex USA (Citigroup) Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann
  • Diversified team with fintech, banking, and wealth management background


Financial institutions lack personalized customer engagementEdit

8 in 10 consumers would switch financial institutions for a better experience.

As Millennials and Generation Z come of age, they’re expecting a seamless user experience on par with all other technology they are used to. For financial institutions to truly keep up with the modern-day customer, they need to customize and personalize their customer experience – empowering the individuals to feel in charge of their finances.

Modern financial institutions have lean sales and marketing teams that need a customer engagement tool built on AI and data flow. For them...Edit

Leveraging data and insights are often squanderedEdit

Financial institutions' sales and marketing teams often don't have the tools and resources to leverage internal data for customer engagement.

Sourcing the right contentEdit

engagement content and screening it for compliance is challenging and time-consuming.

Engineering costEdit

Building, testing, and analyzing AI models and customer engagement scenarios are expensive.


A no-code customer engagement platform built on data and AIEdit

KapitalWise has built a platform that aims to help financial institutions' relationship managers and marketing teams elevate their work with new, relevant insights into their client’s financial life, and better help customers achieve their financial goals.

Moments of truthEdit

Data-driven approach to identify the moments of truth to engage with customers.

Engagement contentEdit

Customized and ready-to-use marketing content and customer-facing apps developed by experts.

Engagement builderEdit

Build, pilot, and deploy new customer experiences without IT support.



Kapitalwise: no-code customer engagementEdit

Kapitalwise has created a way to extract behavioral insights from financial information on a massive scale. We believe that with the insights we can provide, financial institutions will be able to create the customer experience that everyone wants.



Data aggregation and AI to detect "Moments of Truth" and predict "Next Best Action" to engage customers.


Apps, tools, and financial education content with pre-built engagement automation templates.


Email, SMS, Web Analytics, and Social Media marketing automation.


Lead management tools built to close more deals. Manage pipeline, tasks, notes, and meetings.



300% increase in managed customer accountsEdit

From Q4 '21 to Q1 '22Edit

Kapitalwise has graduated from the Barclays Techstars and Fintech Innovation Lab and received over $950K investments from investors and accelerators, including Techstars, Breega Capital, and the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA). We have dozens of customers using our platform ranging from global Tier-1 banks to B2C fintechs. We also have paid evaluation contracts signed with large Tier-1 banks like Bank of America and Barclays South Africa (ABSA).

Booked ARR: $120KEdit



Financial Projections*Edit


* Click here for important information regarding Financial Projections which are not guaranteed.


Serving an expanding roster of financial institutionsEdit

Live Customers:  Edit

Mid-market financial institutions, including regional banks, wealth management firms, and global Tier-1 banks.


A total pipeline worth more than $10M in potential contract revenue.


Our proud partners work with us to make banking more accessible and innovate new ways to improve customers' financial life.


Appreciation from our customersEdit


Business modelEdit

Average subscriptions starting at $750/month With additional monetized features and content options

Kapitalwise is pursuing a B2B model for our distribution. Our monthly subscription pricing is based on the number of customer accounts managed on the Kapitalwise platform, starting at $750/month. In addition to the base platform, we offer additional features and content purchase options.

Our enterprise plans include features that require custom data integration. We charge an installation fee for onsite installations which range from $150K to $300K.


* Click here for important information regarding Financial Projections which are not guaranteed.


The $1.5T finance and insurance industries are ripe for disruptionEdit

The FinTech industry is already a major contributor to the global financial sector. The $58B global CRM market will reach $129B by 2028.

16% Two of the faster-growing categories of CRM are expected to be engagement automation and customer service, with 15.86% and 14.37% CAGR.

10% The top four industries for CRM software use are services (32%), information technology (13%), manufacturing (13%), and finance (10%).

Market opportunityEdit

Serviceable Market: 90K Financial Institutions

Obtainable Market: 9K Financial Institutions


Credit Unions and Banks are hyper-aware of the trend and how important these tech solutions have become to their businesses: 60% of credit unions and 49% of banks say they believe that a partnership with a FinTech firm is important.


Financial CRM landscapeEdit



Use of fundsEdit

Expanding Sales & Marketing Roles:Edit

VP of Marketing, two SRDs.

Product and EngineeringEdit

Extending the current engineering team from 10 to 15. Hiring the VP of engineering and Chief Product Officer.

Additional featuresEdit

Adding embedded fintech (Card Issuing and Lending) to the current App Marketplace.


Backed by leading VC firms and acceleratorsEdit

Kapitalwise has raised nearly $1M from top VC firms in the banking and fintech industry. We have been part of prestigious startup accelerators like Barclays TechStars, PlugandPlay, VentureCetner, and Fintech Innovation Lab.



Diversified team with the right mix of technology, strategy, and operations backgrounds


Kapitalwise TeamEdit

Sajil Koroth


Sean Parker


Paul Stamoulis


Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann

Advisor - former CEO Banamex USA (Citigroup)

Jesse Martinek

Director of Partnership

Manuel Morales PhD.

Scientific Advisor - Professor Montréal University

Engineering & Product