Kindred are a Social Enterprise working with 25k brands & helping over 25k charities online. On a mission to support these charities through conscious consumption, Kindred have built a browser extension & mobile app that allows consumers to shop, get discounts, earn cashback & donate all in one place!

  • Customers have bought products worth over £3.3m since launch in March
  • £1.07M in Revenue since launch in March
  • A Social Enterprise - raised over £470k for charity in 6 months
  • 2:1 ROI on user acquisition costs & proven model


How Kindred works - We are a Social Enterprise that works with 25,000 brands and helps over 25,000 charities.

You can shop online, get discounts, earn cash back and donate a percentage of that cash back to a chosen charity all in one place. Sound simple? It really is!

Since our launch in March of this year, we have seen positive growth, exceeding our 2020 targets already. Customers have brought products worth over £3.3M, generating £1.07m in revenue for Kindred and of this amount, just over £470K has been donated to Charities so far (net profit: £31k)[1]. Mirroring this, since launch, we have also experienced an explosion in user growth at an ROI of 2:1 on user acquisition costs.

Market Size - There are 2.05 billion online shoppers in 2020, with e-commerce sales predicted to hit $6.5 trillion by 2023.

Trends - 75% of people shop online at least once a month.

Need - As 2020 has been entirely dominated by COVID, charities are predicting a 48% drop in donations. The economy is struggling, money is tight and people are looking for the best deal possible when they shop. Kindred provides our users with better deals and savings for their online shopping, whilst driving donations to the charities they choose.

Investment - Kindred raised £2.1m in Seed funding in 2019 for development of the product and GTM.

We are now looking for funding to scale our operations!


Driven by a desire to make a difference and with a belief that conscious consumption can be a win-win for consumers, brands and charities alike. We came together to support the millions of people around the world that rely on those charities and those donations.

Aaron Simpson, Founder & CEO:

Founder and Group Executive Chairman of Quintessentially, a portfolio of 32 businesses, and serial Entrepreneur.

Mike Gadd, COO:

Experienced Commercial leader in sales & marketing. Helped to scale multiple SaaS businesses including, Good e-Learning and PatSnap.

Robyn Chin, SVP Growth:

Former Digital Services Delivery Manager at Bupa.

Matt Larter, SVP Product:

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Betconnect

Richard Laxer, Non-Exec Board Director:

Experienced financial services background, lastly as global CEO of GE Capital.

Dan Bricken, Non-executive Board Director:

Experienced investment banking background lastly as Managing Director and Group Head - M&A International, Wells Fargo.

Alex Packham, Non-Executive Board Director:

CEO of ContentCal, a social media and content marketing software company.


  1. Based on the company's accounts.