Learnlife.jpgLearnlife is a purpose-driven organisation on a mission to transform the €5 trillion education market. With enrolments growing 66% in 2021 & €5.6M raised to date, they are now looking to expand their Learnhubs, programmes and EdTech offering to support more learners & communities globally.* Learner enrolments at our Learnhubs grew 66% YoY (91 to 151 in Sept. '21).* €5.6M raised to date since launching in 2017.* 111% Net Promoter Score increase compared to previous school (3.8 to 8)* Featured in Wired, Forbes, LaVanguardia, HundrED and more.==Idea==

Learnlife is on a clear mission: to positively change education worldwide. We hope to transform an outdated system born in the industrial era by unleashing a purpose-inspired, personal learning model into the €5trn education market.We see our two Barcelona-based Learnhubs as lighthouses for global learning communities. We’ve launched innovative on-site, online & blended learning programmes for all ages, from 1h-a-week experiences to full-time programmes, to ‘Learning Guide‘ teacher training.As a result, our 170 full-time learners aged 6-18 are experiencing a better way to learn. They are 2x as likely to recommend Learnlife over their former school. In 2021, enrolments grew 66% (91 to 151), with corresponding revenues increasing 72% to €851K, 70% contribution margin, and -€2.9M EBITDA in 2021.To date we’ve raised €5.6M in capital, been featured in Wired, Forbes, LaVanguardia, and HundrED, & now we are ready to scale.In the last 18 months, we signed 24 agreements with organisations seeking our products, services & training, & 8 MOUs with potential partners. We’ve also released an MVP of our Personal Learning Platform technology.We believe systemic change in education is only possible through community and are looking for partners excited about our mission and growth. This round will enable us to expand our Learnhubs, programmes and our technology to support learners globally.==Team==Christopher Pommerening: Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer - ​​Founder & Venture investorof several organisations. Evolved from an internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist into an impact entrepreneur.Blair MacLaren: Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer - Experienced operations executive, investor& board member, with deep understanding of operational processes, strategy, finance, corporate law & advisory.Stephen Harris (Part-time): Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer - Educator & innovative school principal with extensive experience within existing systems (government & independent), working alongside traditional education.Ulrike Suwwan: Chief Impact Officer - Global education leader who, over the last 20 years, led the establishment of 43 schools& transformed hundreds of learning spaces, advised companies and entrepreneurs, & coached C-suites of top 500 global companies.Lisa Marie Blaschke: Hybrid Learning Lead - Internationally recognised expert, researcher, and speaker on heutagogy (self-determined learning) & online learning.Devin Carberry: Captain of LG Programmes - Former Innovation Lead at an international school in Barcelona, joined Learnlife as founding Learning Guide. Has published in Rethinking Schools magazine, wrote a chapter for, "Unleashing the Power of Learner Agency", and was featured on National Public Radio, Science magazine, and several podcasts.