Connecting The World Ltd (trading as Legal Connection) is on a mission to democratise the Trillion-Dollar legal profession, enabling networks of legal professionals to compete with large partnership firms. They have developed a platform that aims to fuse client-centred, collaborative workflows and the next generation of financial technology.* Bootstrapped product with strong technical co-founders* Selected by Antler VC for pre-seed investment of £120k* First-to-market with our unique integration with Shieldpay* Letters of intent from law schools, law firms and legal networks==Idea==

The global legal services market is worth $1,000,000,000,000 and is famously resistant to change. A small number of global partnership firms enjoy the bulk of the high-paying work while smaller firms and solo practitioners often struggle to run a sustainable practice.The UK leads the world in being a friendly regulatory environment for freelance lawyers and virtual firms. We believe with the right technology, lawyers can group together to provide a comparable service to the large firms at a fraction of the price.Legal Connection is an n-sided network market for the legal profession. Using Legal Connection, lawyers connect with their peers to form project-based collaborations. The product looks like a social networking tool but functions like a legal case and practice management suite. All work takes place in secure chat rooms, making it perfect for remote teams. Lawyers are able to leverage 3rd party managed accounts to hold client money and execute transactions.In 2019, Legal Connection was selected as one of 13 startups with high growth potential by Antler VC who invested £120k pre-seed. The funds were used to further develop and validate the product within various UK firms and global legal networks.The team is now raising a seed round on Crowdcube to grow their user base, continue product development and roll out a set of cutting edge new features to power the future of law.==Team==Guy Stern - CEOGuy ran a web development agency before turning his attention to LegalTech. Although not a lawyer himself, Guy spent hundreds of hours researching and validating the idea, self-funding development and bringing the product to market. Upon realising the high growth potential for Legal Connection, Guy moved to London & joined the Antler accelerator.Stephan Yu - CTOLike Guy, Stephen comes from a background in web development. He has worked in startups like Seedrs and was a blockchain consultant before joining Antler to pursue his dream of co-founding a tech company. Stephan met Guy at Antler and was drawn to the idea. The pair teamed up and won a coveted spot in the second phase of the program and pre-seed investment.Lucian - UXLucian met Guy at the Global Legal Hackathon in 2018 and became fast friends & colleagues. Lucian is responsible for the beautiful and intuitive design of Legal Connection, a key component in the product success.Part-time Advisers:Adil Kahn - Adil has experience working with legal marketplaces and networks meaning he understands the challenges facing this segment of the market.Edmund Schuster - Edmund works for one of the biggest law firms in the world, Baker McKenzie giving him a unique insight into the space.Andy Unger - Andy is a professor of law & sees potential for Legal Connection as a tool for students to get hands-on legal experience.