Luas Diagnostics has a licensed platform technology on which it will develop accurate and affordable diagnostic tests which require minimal training and can be deployed in remote settings away from centralised testing laboratories. The initial focus is on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Covid-19 testing.

  • A platform technology enabling the development of a range of tests
  • Monitoring of therapeutic drug levels for COPD and Psychosis
  • Working with UOB to develop a simple Covid-19 test using saliva.
  • Exclusive UK rights for specific Covid antibody & antigen rapid tests


Luas Diagnostics was incorporated in the UK in June 2020. The company plans to develop and market easy-to-use, rapid and accurate diagnostics tests. There are two parts to the business.

  1. Covid-19 testing

Luas has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Chembio Diagnostics Systems in the USA to market their Covid-19 antibody and antigen tests in the UK and Ireland. These tests will be sold for use in the workplace, pharmacies, care homes, airports, police forces and many other market segments.

Luas has signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Birmingham to develop a saliva based, rapid Covid-19 test. Saliva is a convenient sample to obtain and has been shown to be as accurate as swabs.

  1. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Using an adaptation of the technology currently used worldwide to test diabetics for glucose levels in blood, Luas is developing products to monitor therapeutic drug levels. Certain diseases are treated with drugs which must be maintained in the blood stream at appropriate levels. Today, patient drug levels are measured in centralised laboratories. Luas is developing a test for drug monitoring which could be used at home, in pharmacies or GP surgery. The first product will test for Theophylline which is used to treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. Our plans are then to develop a test for Lithium which is used to treat Psychosis.


Brendan Farrell | Chairman & CEO

Brendan has over 30 years experience in the Diagnostics industry and has been CEO of seven early stage Diagnostics companies. He holds an MSc in Biochemistry and a Diploma in Applied Finance.

Lindy Murphy, PhD | Chief Technical Officer

Lindy has over 20 years of industrial experience in R&D of electrochemical biosensors for diagnostic applications. She holds a chemistry degree and a PhD in electrochemical biosensors, both from Imperial College London.

Christopher Brain | Chief Commercial Officer (Part time)

Chris has considerable experience in the commercial med tech sector, working for blue chip companies as well as start ups. Chris has an BSc in Medical Genetics, an MSc in Molecular Medicine from Brunel University and is studying for an MBA from the Open University.

Steve Dawson | Chief Financial Officer (Part time)

In addition to the CFO role at Luas Diagnostics Stephen is currently CFO of Time Partners and Corporate Development Officer for Izon Science. He qualified as a chartered accountant at Ernst & Young in 1989.

Marcus Gould, D.Phil, C.Biol, C.Sci | Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs (Part time)

Marcus has worked for a number of both early stage and multi-national companies, his experience encompassing a variety of national and international marks. He holds a doctorate in biochemistry (microbiology) from the University of Oxford.