One of the UK's top three best known plant-based brands, Meatless Farm is on a quest to create a sustainable global food system by helping people to reduce meat consumption. With products sold across 20+ countries, all major UK supermarkets, Pret, Leon, Itsu & more, they're taking on a market that's set to be worth $290bn by 2035.

  • Listed in over 20 markets including the USA, Germany, Spain & APAC
  • Delivered 148% year-on-year net sales growth in 2020 (£8.3m Revenue and -£17.1m EBITDA)
  • Partnerships with football giants Real Madrid + top cyclist Mark Cavendish
  • Investors incl. Channel 4, Bridford, Beyond Impact & Stray Dog Capital


Meatless Farm is one of the UK’s top three best known plant-based brands. It started when our founder Morten & his family realised how tricky it was to reduce meat & cook meals they enjoyed. So began our quest to make the world a tastier place while transforming the global food system. We launched our fresh plant-based mince in 2018 followed by burgers & sausages - now listed in the big 4 UK retailers & over 20 countries.

Last year we grew faster than the category & worked with brands like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Pret, Itsu, Whole Foods & Brakes.

Plant-based isn’t a niche: adoption rates almost doubled in the last 2 years, 92% is bought by meat-eaters and the market is forecast to be worth $290bn by 2035.

We’re not anti-meat or pro-vegan: We estimate that if everyone in the UK went plant-based once more a week it could reduce greenhouse gas by up to 8.4%. That’s 16m cars gone.

We’re not a thought leader, we’re an action leader, on a quest to build a new food system & democratize plant-based eating. But change doesn’t happen overnight so we’re investing in our supply chain, building a ‘farm to fork’ program, working with our pea growers, opening plant protein facilities & developing new products.

This total investment round will fund innovation, expansion & work towards B-Corp status as we embed our commitment to regenerative business growth & aim to grow a new plant-based generation.


Morten Toft Bech, CEO and Founder

Our quest is kept steadfast by founder Morten and his mission to make meat-free accessible to all. With him at the helm, Meatless Farm’s entrepreneurial spirit stays strong.

Jesper Hojer, Chairman

Former global CEO of Lidl, Jesper's experience means he is key to developing Meatless Farm’s growth strategy & guiding us to global scale across both retail & foodservice.

Ferry Kamp, Chief Marketing Officer

Former member of Unilever’s food leadership teams in Europe & Asia Pacific. Ferry has also worked with start-up brands to scale innovation & performance-based marketing. His role at Meatless Farm is to drive rapid growth through innovation & brand development.

Robert Siep, Chief Financial Officer

Robert has a career spanning various financial roles after he got certified as a public auditor by NBA including Area Controller at Covidien/Medtronic in Healthcare where he led the post-acquisition integration of neuro-vascular company EV3 & CFO at IT firm Sentia where he integrated over ten add-ons.