Making ad spend analytics easy to understand for every marketer


  • $930K lifetime revenue (historical & contracted)
  • Hired first two full-time employees in 2022 (Engineer & BDR)
  • Raised $200K in pre-seed round in late 2021
  • Four active clients, two signed LOIs, $350k in weighted sales pipeline
  • Fully automated reporting UI launched Q4 2021 (manual work cut 90% YoY)
  • Approached by two companies for acquisition in 2022 (both declined)
  • Added 5x CEO Bill Eichen as advisor in Jan 2022 (MD @ GimmelFund)


79% of marketers struggle to interpret and apply data analytics to improve marketing ROAS.Edit

This is due to specialized knowledge requirements and lack of analytical staff.*

As a result, advertisers either forego buying analytics tools or use biased platform data to evaluate ad spend effectiveness.

*emarketer study 2019


Simple, actionable ad analyticsEdit

Mint Measure’s ad analytics platform provides easy-to-read charts and pre-analyzed insights so any marketer knows what’s working.

Prescriptive recommendations make optimizations easy and actionable.

We help brands know which ad channels are driving results and how to optimize.

Here's a look at our UI and reports:



How it worksEdit

Mint Measure's tech is placed in each ad platform for a brand, and we monitor ad delivery and actions taken by users.

This data is cleaned and transformed into easy-to-read charts. Insights give context, and recommendations are provided for the client to take action.


Mint Measure’s unfair advantageEdit

We created a new way to process data to deliver 80% of the value of the enterprise solutions at 20% of the cost.

Our unique methodology quantifies what's working and where marketers should allocate ad budgets to drive growth with these proprietary metrics:

  • Incremental reach
  • iCPM - cost of incremental reach
  • Incremental conversions
  • iCPA - cost per incremental conversion


By the numbersEdit


  • 2020 revenue - $47,500
  • 2021 revenue - $321,000
  • 2022 bookings - $506,000 (+53% YoY)
    • $149K ARR + $357K Pay-per-use



  • 4 active clients
  • Q4 2021 closed 2 new deals
  • Q2 2022 forecast – 4 new deals ($10k MRR)
  • 4 proposals out for approval; strong sales pipeline

Where we are todayEdit

Core Analytics PlatformEdit

Serving clients for ~18 months

  • $930K lifetime revenue
  • $506K booked so far for 2022

Repackage productsEdit

  • Parsed analytics into 3 SaaS products to align with client needs and stages of growth
  • Launched new SaaS website in February, with ability for customer to purchase online

Data SalesEdit

  • Upsold a current client to begin using audience data
  • 3 upcoming pilot campaigns with brands for data sales

Staff & GrowthEdit

Hired first 2 staff

  • Sales Rep; has been 1st sales rep 3x
  • Lead Engineer


  • Developing long term partnership with High There/CannaGrowth platform to serve as their dedicated analytics provider
  • Expanding relationships with ad agencies to gain client referrals


Customer segmentsEdit

We service brands spending $400k–$30M per year on advertising.Edit


Facts about attributionEdit

  • 70% say cost justification is a challenge
  • 78% of marketers plan to adapt of increase their use of cross channel attribution
  • Only 39% of companies are carrying out attribution on ‘all or most’ of their marketing activities (Source: econsultancy)
  • 70% of businesses are now struggling to act on the insights they gain from attribution (Source: AdRoll)
  • 42% of marketers report attribution manually using spreadsheets (Source: econsultancy)
  • 53.3% say a minimal understanding is the main challenge of effective marketing attribution (Source: Ruler Analytics)

Business modelEdit

Monthly fee and pay-per-use optionsEdit

Option 1: Monthly Fee (SaaS)Edit

  • 3 tiers of product
    • $699 ($500K ad spend)
    • $1,249 ($1M ad spend)
    • $2,499 ($2M+ ad spend)
  • Currently our GTM for 2022

Option 2: Pay-Per-UseEdit

  • For ad agencies only
  • Rates range from $0.50-$1.00 CPM
  • Yields 30% increased profit


Attribution companies intersect:Edit

Analytics + digital identity + data salesEdit

  • Nielsen – $6B Revenue
  • Neustar – $575M Revenue
  • LiveRamp – $443M Revenue

Companies that offer all 3 earn 20–50x higher revenues than single-service companies

  • 18 month SOM* - $2M ARR
  • 6 year SOM* - $92M ARR


*SOM is project growth


Competitive landscapeEdit


Vision and strategyEdit

What we'll achieve with your investmentEdit

Core Analytics (SaaS)Edit

  • Finalize product market fit; repeatable sales processes
  • Add $750K ARR in 12 months
  • Incorporate client feedback to improve platform usability
  • Continue automating workflows and scale prep

Data Sales & IdentityEdit

  • Build pipes & automate data workflows for data sales
    • Create integrations into top 5 DSPs
  • Add $150k in data sales revenue

Use of FundsEdit

Team MarketingEdit

  • Biz Dev & Account Executives (23%)
  • Data engineer (22%)
  • Data Analyst (11%)


  • Databricks & Azure (7%)
  • ID5 & Experian (4%)


  • SEO & paid search (7%)
  • Content marketing (5%)
  • Industry conferences (3%)


  • Legal (2%)
  • Office supplies (1%)
  • Discretionary (15%)



Scott Konopasek.png

Scott Konopasek

CEO / Platform Creator

11 years in Adtech

  • Built Mint to solve the pain points he experienced
  • Performance marketer & analytics expert
  • Track record driving double-digit growth for clients
  • Process-driven thinker

Alex Netelkos.png

Alex Netelkos

CPO / Product, Data, and Analytics

7 years in AdTech

  • Analytics Lead at DSP MediaMath for clients Walmart, Home Depot and Proctor & Gamble
  • Led creation of MediaMath’s SOURCE Reporting Dashboard
  • Experience in analytics, client services and product development

Mint Measure TeamEdit

Scott Konopasek


Alex Netelkos

Head of Product & Analytics

Keoni Murray

Lead Engineer

Brandon Beck

Business Development Representative