Mintelium’s platform is powered with SSI and Blockchain which will transform data privacy and security. The individual’s personal data will be in their control, and our wallet solves the problem of data storage and management. People will have complete control of their sensitive data where they grant organizations temporary access to view the data with a private key. Mintelium’s decentralized mechanism using zero-knowledge proofs, privacy, and encryption merge to generate trusted transactions and will ensure that the data is safe and secured.


Mintelium’s Password-less authentication provides secure access for every individual and organization reducing the managerial load and security threats to the organization.

Key features

  • Self-Sovereign Identity
  • BSV Blockchain
  • CRM/HRM Integration
  • Temporary Sharing
  • GDPR Compliant

Key services

A SaaS for organizations to verify worker/applicant data that integrates seamlessly into existing CRM/HRM software.

  • Single Sign on
    • Password-less Authentication
  • Digital Identity Services
    • Full proof verifications
    • Verifiable credentials
    • Privacy and Security
  • Onboarding Services
    • Customer Onboarding - KYC, KYB and AML etc
  • Data Management
    • Secured data storage - no data breaching risk
    • Receive and temporarily share the data
    • GDPR compliant
    • Always have control and ownership of your data


The UK recruitment industry has over 40,000 companies. It has placed over 1 million permanent placements in the UK in 2019. The industry generated £39 billion in service fee revenue in 2019.


COO: Amit Sabley

Expert in Supply Chain, Operations, E-commerce, B2B and Strategy. Scaled and exited 2 previous startups.

CTO: Amit Sabley

Self-sovereign identity expert with focus on system architecture, distributor ledger technology, business strategy, and data governance.

CEO: Sashen Naicker

Project Management expert with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry.


As with any investment, investing in Mintelium carries a level of risk. Overall, based on the key risks highlighted below, the degree of risk associated with an investment in Mintelium is higher than in a company that's trading on a public market.

Early-stage investmentEdit

Mintelium is at one of the earliest stages of the business lifecycle, and the failure rate of companies at that stage is usually much higher than those at a later stage.

Illiquid investmentEdit

The number of transactions in shares of private companies is usually significantly lower than in public companies, typically resulting in it taking longer to sell shares in private companies at a price that is at least equal to the price that the shares were bought at. Accordingly, the Mintelium investment opportunity is considered to be higher risk than more liquid companies.

References and notesEdit

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