Meet Flippy, the patented, Artificially intelligent robot from Miso Robotics making food efficiently & consistently. Flippy has cooked over 40k lbs of fried food and 9k burgers at LA Dodgers Stadium, Arizona Diamondbacks Chase Field, and CaliBurger restaurants, with £8.78M in purchase orders signed.

  • £8.78M in purchase orders signed by international chain, CaliBurger
  • Company has raised over £11.66m in capital from leading VC funds
  • Company developed Flippy with 12 patents pending and 1 awarded
  • Flippy has received over 10B organic media impressions


Flippy is an AI-powered robotic kitchen assistant that can learn from its surroundings and acquire new skills over time. We designed Flippy to cook food alongside chefs in commercial kitchens and leverage computer and thermal vision technology to cook food perfectly and consistently.

The £218B global Quick Service Restaurant industry has increasingly tight margins (~5%) due to rising wages and labor shortages. As Americans rely less on home-cooked meals, it is becoming increasingly harder for restaurants to hire kitchen staff to serve them.

According to the CEO of Cali Group, implementing Flippy will reduce labor expenses by over 65% and increase efficiency and food output by 23%. With Flippy, restaurants can increase profit margins from 5% to 14%. This translates into a 3x increase in EBITDA, creating significant value for our customers.

After a successful pilot at CaliBurger, the restaurant recently signed an £8.78 million purchase order to implement two Flippy bots at each of its 50+ locations worldwide. In October 2019, the first “CaliBurger 2.0” opened in Ft. Myers, Florida with its reinvented kitchen that includes two Flippys working alongside one chef.

We’re currently developing “Flippy 2.0,” which integrates the bot into a mounted rail system, allowing it to multitask. This new system is 50% cheaper and requires zero real estate footprint in a commercial kitchen.


Miso Robotics has been built from the ground up with stellar leadership and support. In addition to the leadership described below, Miso’s team is comprised of a respected group of engineers, roboticists, and industrial designers from Caltech, Cornell, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, Harvey Mudd, Art Center, NASA, Tesla, and SpaceX.

Additionally, Miso Robotics has an incredible list of board members, advisors, and investors, including:

Joseph Essas, Board Member: CTO of OpenTable since 2012

Mike Bell, Chairman of the Board: COO of Ordermark

Massimo Noja De Marco, Board Member: Co-founder of Kitchen United and CEO of Piestro

Nick Degnan, Board Member: COO of Wavemaker Labs, the Robotics/Automation Venture Studio

FANUC America Corp: Robotic arm manufacturer

PopID, Partner: Touchless ordering POS company integrating their technology with Miso for the future of restaurants in a clean, touchless world.

Pathspot, Partner: Developer of sanitation technology designed to detect contaminants that carry foodborne illness to integrate their technology and Miso’s suite of kitchen automation assistants.