Moody's mission is to transform healthcare for women. They’ve built AI that learns moods and cycles to connect users with personalised daily wellness solutions. They’re launching daily wellness subscriptions and entering the £40BN Femtech market. Invest in the future of women's health!

  • Bespoke machine learning technology, built for women by women
  • Existing engaged community with over 136k downloads
  • Use of the Moody Month app has increased 86% during the pandemic
  • The digital Femtech health market is expected to reach £40bn by 2025


Moody is health tracking designed for life-hacking. Rather than helping achieve/avoid pregnancy, we help women understand their daily and weekly hormone patterns to optimise mental and physical health. Moody connects users with customised health, food and fitness advice based on their moods, symptoms and cycles.

Women control >80% of household health spend and are 80% more likely than men to use a digital health app. Moody aims to harness these trends and capitalise on the global remote health care market, expected to grow annually by 33% CAGR, and Femtech digital wellness, forecasted to hit £40bn by 2025.

Our mission is to put the latest science-based information in the hands of all women. We aim to unleash the power of big data in healthcare by building our AI capability to assist in female healthcare diagnosis and research.

Moody's message is resonating. The Moody Month app was featured in Vogue, Grazia and The Guardian, and has had >136k downloads since v1 release in 2019. Our users have logged 5M moods and symptoms, the power of which we can now unlock by providing personalised suggestions. We are now launching paid subscriptions, with bespoke in-app wellness programs and health-boosting products, tailored to each user.

With this raise, we want to scale our business globally and reach 1M subscribers within 4 years, becoming a sustainable force for good in women's health.


Amy Thomson founded Moody with the vision of a new model for women’s health, connecting each user with personalised solutions.

Our engineers have custom-built every nanobit of our bespoke health and wellness tracking and solutions delivery platform. Our CTO Ingrid Dahl-Olsen has extensive experience creating innovative video games and has provided visual effects for major Hollywood titles including Harry Potter. Ciara Ferguson our Head of Data is an Oxford University statistician and former trader at UBS.

We have the skills to execute agile development, continue innovating and drive forward the potential of remote healthcare.

Our team has extensive expertise in branding and marketing. Our CEO Amy has a decade of experience leading a successful agency (with clients such as Nike and Facebook) which she sold to the WPP Group in 2017. Our COO Karla Vitrone is a brand-building expert with experience in US expansion.

Moody's team of health and wellness experts are at the heart of our business:

  • Female Heath Specialist - Dr Megan Leonard
  • Endocrinologist - Dr Minisha Sood
  • Nutritionist & Co-Founder of Moody - Lola Ross
  • Food Guru - Melissa Hemsley
  • Yoga Instructor - Sarah Malcolm
  • Nike Global Master Trainer - Joslyn Thompson Rule

Our mission is supported by an incredible investor and advisory team:

  • Tim Westwell - Pukka Herbs founder
  • Sophia Bendz - former Spotify exec & V.C. partner