Muniy is for everyone, extending the digital banking revolution to more aspects of people's lives, starting with building a better retail experience and closer connections with merchants. With our recently launched app and the Muniy contactless card, we're on a mission to bring a better, easier life to everyone.

  • Muniy is focused on improving how people use money, starting with retail
  • Muniy plans to introduce personalised rewards to customers
  • Already launched app and contactless card in the Uk and EU
  • Muniy aims to halve the £30m+ in annual fees that merchants currently pay


Until now, many neobanks have focused on improving the user experience for familiar banking functions. But this isn't the only place where people use money — in fact, it's just the start. By extending into other areas, starting with a retail experience, Muniy aims to offer better, more personalised banking, for everyone.

By paying with Muniy, customers connect anonymously with merchants, whilst allowing merchants to benefit from lower transaction processing costs (currently a global spend of £30B+ annually) and higher levels of customer loyalty.

We currently offer freemium and paid accounts with core features including QR Payments, instant P2P money transfers, real-time transaction notifications, contactless cards and more. Part of our plan to drive adoption is to offer a lower transaction cost to merchants (up to 50% less than what they currently pay) and eventually partner with brands to develop personalised reward schemes for customers.

Investment from this round will go towards our plans to run a pilot in the UK + EU, aiming to leverage a mature market to establish a foundation quickly, followed by introducing our core financial services to key markets in the Middle East.


Jeremy Suarez (Founder & CEO)

Following a career in delivering technology solutions, Jeremy started Muniy in 2018 with the aim of helping the unbanked population spend and receive their funds easier with merchants.

Edwin Chong (Co-Founder & COO)

Edwin brings a wealth of technology and brand-building expertise from building out the digital and analytics practice at the foremost creative agency in the luxury and fashion space, working with a client roster that includes Dior, Coach, Bottega Veneta, Zara, Louis Vuitton, NARS, Calvin Klein, the Edition Hotels, and countless other marquee names.

He couples that with financial services experience from working as a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and years at a variety of venture-backed startups from California to New York. He holds a dual degree in Computer Science and English from Dartmouth College.