Natural Crunch gently dries and expands fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to create crunchy, tasty and healthy VitaSnacks. With sales reaching €653k in 2019, and offering a range of 29 flavours in 25+ countries, they're ready to strengthen brand presence in existing markets.

  • Crunchy, tasty & healthy dehydrated Fruits & Veg aiming to become the market leader
  • Technology for pure organic, vegan and gluten-free snack production
  • Different formats for launching into food service & food industry
  • Available in the B2C format for commuters, families or wellness lovers


90% of consumers in the US snack at least once a day. Since 2015, demand for organic snacks has grown by 32% and the CAGR (2018-2025) is expected to stand at 13.6%.

Natural Crunch was born in 2011 to bring us a crunchy, tasty and healthy brand with no added salt, oil or sugar-VitaSnacks.

With over €2M invested in R&D projects and machinery, we’ve created more than 29 flavours of organic, gluten-free dried fruit and vegetable snacks within our IFS-certified facilities (Top Food Quality and Safety standard).

Our production capacity stands at almost 52,000 kilos of dehydrated crunchy snacks - equivalent to c. 2M packs/year.

We currently supply to 25 countries and have multiplied revenue by 4.8x in the last 6yrs - from €136k to €653k (+€189k EBITDA) in FY 2019, all without a marketing budget and limited sales capacity.

VitaSnacks may be found in stores such as Whole Foods in the UK, Casino in France, Carrefour and Eroski in Spain, BIOC’BON in Italy. German's DM sold more than 450k packs after investing just €12k in promotional activities.

Despite the Covid-19 crisis, in 2020 our products have appeared on the shelves at Uvesco, Grup Llobet and El Corte Inglés and our online sales have grown by 330% from Oct '19 t Oct '20 with just €7k invested in marketing.

VitaSnacks is ready to invest in promotion, product tastings & brand strengthening in existing markets to continue growing.


Antonio Ramírez- CEO Natural Crunch & Creator of Vitasnaks

PhD in Chemical Engineering + Industrial Technical Engineer. Masters in Bioprocess Engineering. Masters in Environment Technology. Business Development Expert at EOI School & San Telmo School. Andalusian Entrepreneur of the Year (AJE Award 2008). 20+ years experience in R&D+i, Engineering and Business Management.

Rocio Gassó- Partner & Deputy Director

Chemical Engineer. Technician in Renewable Energy. MBA at San Telmo School. Nearly 10 years of experience at NC in Financial and Management Systems.

Alfredo Magliola- Partner & Sales Manager

Law Degree. Diploma from EOI in SME and International Management. Years of experience in international trade, 8 with NC.

Laura Díaz (P/T)- Quality, Food & Safety

Food Technologist. Nutrition Degree. Trained in quality and Food Safety. 4+ years of experience at NC.

Marian Pastor- Production

Technical Engineer in Industrial Design. 5+ years experience in traceability and production at NC.

Juan Hidalgo P/T - Equipment Maintenance

Engineer at Industrial Electronics. 5+ years of experience in equipment maintenance at NC.

Angeles Zamora - Administrative & accountant

Masters in administration. 4+ years experience in Administrative Functions at NC.