Launched in 2018 and designed for home workouts, niix see themselves as the only fitness app plugging the gap in the market for women approaching 40 and beyond. In just 2 years they've established a 4*+ rated app with more than 1800 paid subscriptions and an online following of tens of thousands.

  • Social media following of 12000+ across Instagram and Facebook
  • 12000 app downloads, 4,800+ registered users 1,800+ subscriptions
  • Paid users across 25 countries including the US, Canada and Australia
  • Each subscription sale generates an average of 3.3 times ROI


All women go through significant change, physically and emotionally, as life stages change and their bodies age. To remain happy and healthy requires physical strength and energy. But many struggle to find the time to stay fit as they juggle work, child or ageing-parent care, home admin etc. The niix app meets these needs providing short, achievable, home workouts, all of which are designed for women approaching 40 and beyond. As one customer says: "niix has really changed the way that I not only exercise, but also the way I think about it. The ease of being able to fit in 10 or 20 minutes in my own home is brilliant".

The global fitness app market is growing fast, set to be worth $2bn by 2023. Most fitness apps are focused on weight loss and body aesthetics for millennial markets. We see a huge opportunity to support women beyond this, who have simply outgrown an approach that is obsessed with the perfect body.

Set up by Nicki Philips, a 40+ mum, in less than 2 years niix has achieved:

  • 12,000+ downloads globally
  • Proven growth metrics: average cost of acquisition of £3.80 per subscription, yielding an average of £12.60 net sales = >3x return.

Funds raised will help scale up proven marketing channels to significantly grow community and subscriber bases, ultimately turning niix into the no.1 digital fitness brand for women approaching 40+.

Revenue of £15k and -(£42k) EBITDA in '19.


niix is run by women, for women. A team of 5 (3 FT, 2 PT) with successful careers in marketing, partnerships & product development; all with a passion for fitness.

Nicki Philips: Founding niix in 2017,Nicki is passionate about empowering you to get the most out of a workout. A Pilates and fitness instructor, she's spent 10+ years training post-natal and women approaching 40 and beyond to get fit and stay strong, regardless of age or life challenges.

Lauren Goggs: Marketing & Partnerships, an award-winning marketer with extensive experience in sport sponsorship. She has managed multi-million pound rights for global events and international campaigns for brands such as Vitality and Virgin Active.

Alex Hill: Social Media & Content, oversaw the rapid growth of niix’s online following. Previously she worked in a sports agency managing social media for athletes sponsored by leading brands including Adidas & Fitbit.

Karen Steadman (part-time): Operations & Design. As a 40+ mum, Karen prides herself on fine tuning her multitasking skills to ensure life runs as smoothly as possible. Karen is a firm believer in healthy body = healthy mind.

Nicola Tomlinson (part-time): Strategy & Development, a strategic communications specialist with more than 17 years’ experience delivering complex projects for clients including Shell & DofE. She launched the CloseCircle travel security app in 2018.