Njori is creating an innovative, multi-purpose smart cooker that can be stored on a bookshelf alongside your cookbooks. With a rapidly growing market set to reach £25.3Bn by 2025 and early interest from major players in retail, we are raising capital to bring the product to market.

  • UK patents and design registration filed.
  • A global market worth an estimated £11.6Bn.
  • Team experienced in design, development and manufacture of products.
  • £150k raised to date.


Over half of UK consumers like experimenting with new cooking trends. To experiment with new techniques, you can need multiple pieces of expensive equipment, taking up valuable kitchen space. These often aren't very intuitive or accurate, leading to inconsistent results.

We're creating an accurate, multi-functional cooker that can be stored on a bookshelf alongside your cookbooks. It uses integrated sensors & accessories to accurately monitor & regulate the cooking process, taking the guesswork out of cooking perfection.

Globally, the smart kitchen market is worth around £11.6Bn and is estimated to grow to £25.3Bn by 2025. Additionally, the global portable induction cooker market is set to be worth £4.5Bn by 2022. Due to it's versatility, our product aims to fit into several of these market segments making a range of cooking methods accessible to foodies worldwide.

This will be our first product, enabling us to establish a brand in the smart kitchen market from which we aim to launch additional products. We've built prototypes to test the product functionality & look and feel of the final product. We have filed UK patents & are building our supply chain in China. We think that our product is unique in a space that has lacked innovation. This has already led to interest from retailers & industry experts.

Our next steps are to finish development and bring the product to market.


Nick Orme (Co-Founder/COO) is an experienced multi-disciplinary designer and cooking enthusiast. He has worked with a variety of clients, ranging from technology start-ups to FTSE 100 companies, helping them to develop ideas and manufacture new products. Most recently he worked at RPD International, where he was project lead and designer of My-T for Unilever as well as designing for brands such as P&G, Brockman's Gin and Mysteryvibe.

Jack Raison (Co-Founder/CTO) has a wealth of experience as a design engineer and award winning industrial designer. He has experience in mechanical development, prototyping and manufacturing products in China and UK. Jack also worked at RPD International, creating innovative products for brand such as Vodafone, Chivas and Grey Goose.

Both founders have worked together for several years in the tech development industry and having spent a number of years developing products for other people have decided to use their expertise to develop and manufacture their own product.

Sam Mapara (NED) has held various roles with investment banks such as Deutsche Bank, Nomura International and VTB Capital, encompassing financing, trading and risk. He was one of the first Njori investors and is now a non executive director, working in a key advisory role.