Numerous aims to establish a new data sharing economy - using consensually-shared personal data to drive sales and insight for brands and financial reward for users. Targeting the advertising, sales, research and insight markets, Numerous is live with 1,300 users sharing over 130,000 pieces of data

  • Live iOS/Android app using shared data to connect users to brands
  • 1,300 users in beta who shared 130,000+ pieces of valuable data
  • 14 partners in three launch sectors including Sky, EE and BT
  • 74% of our own users think Numerous is more relevant in the current pandemic


Personal data is incredibly valuable. In fact it underpins industries worth £30bn in the UK (and $200bn in the US), with some of the world’s most successful companies all making money by collecting and exploiting customer data.

Yet 80% of people are unhappy that their data is harvested and monetised by global corporations, and many also recognise that their data is a genuine asset.

That’s where Numerous comes in.

In 2019, Numerous set out to level the playing field and create a new data-sharing economy. Numerous enables consumers to financially benefit from the value of their data, while giving brands the opportunity to acquire new customers and deepen their customer insight.

On the Numerous app, consumers create a data profile based on who they are as a consumer. The Numerous AI technology leverages this consensually-shared and highly accurate personal data to connect the right users to the right brands at the right time. We incentivise our members to share their data by sharing some of the revenue with them that we generate from brands.

Since our beta launch, we’ve collected over 130,000 pieces of personal data from 1,300 users. Our app is currently live for iOS and Android and we aim to grow to 50,000 users, 7.5m pieces of data and 60 brand partners in the next 12 months.

We are pioneering a new model for the data economy and we want you to join us.


Jason Bullock, Chief Executive

Jason took his first digital business to an annual revenue of £1.2m within two years. Understanding the challenges of attracting customers first hand, he saw an opportunity to connect consumers and brands more effectively.

Alex Heys, Chief Marketing Officer

Previously working at BNP Paribas Securities Services, Alex's last role was Head of Marketing and Communications at Flow Energy, where he grew customer accounts from 0-250,000 and revenue from £0 - £150m.

Brian Birkhead, Chief Data Officer (Part-time)

A former academic in maths & statistics at UCL & Warwick University, Brian has extensive experience as a strategic marketing, data & analytics consultant, working for a number of brands including Matalan, Notcutts & Long Tall Sally. He has won a Marketing Society of GB Award for excellence in CRM.

Chris Pont, Chief Technical Officer (Part-time)

Has extensive experience with companies such as BT. Built IJYI Ltd - a successful software development company with an impressive roster of clients including Siemens.