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  • Online platform helping dietitians get new patients
  • Already 200 dietitians registered and 3,500 ready to be contacted
  • 250k community members ready to connect with dietitians
  • 20 insurance firms & clinics contacted for Nutrimis solutions



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We created Nutrimis to help overweight people change their nutrition and sports habits by connecting them to dietitians and a caring community.

Our social and monitoring application is securely connected to our dynamic cloud Nutrimis platform dedicated to health professionals.

Our platform allows dietitians to:

  • Be directly contacted by new patients and generate additional revenues
  • Be promoted on Nutrimis social motivation mobile application with hundred of thousands of users looking for help
  • Improve current patients journey by monitoring them online
  • Optimise time management and efficiency
  • Allow patients to access dietitians from everywhere


The platform offers a wide range of online features for dietitians, to ease their digitalisation and optimise their time management:

  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Patient acquisition and management module
  • Synchronised calendars
  • Video-consultation tool
  • 24/7 direct chat
  • Patient evolution data monitoring
  • Customisable reporting & invoicing

Substantial accomplishments to date


· Financially backed by the French Public Bank of Investment & awarded with the “Bourse French Tech” grant, the BPGO bank and the European Investment Fund through an innovation loan · Nutrimis App version 2.0 is launched during the summer · Laureate of HEC Challenge+ (Best Business Plan). HEC is the best business school in Europe according to the Financial Times. · 200 nutrition professionals signed up to pre-access Nutrimis Dashboard


  • First B2B partnership with Withings (formerly Nokia Health) and the French health insurance LMP
  • International market entry: deploying in the UK (>10k users) and launch of the Nutrimis 3.0 mobile application
  • Selected by top incubators including Station F and Plug&Play Healthcare
  • Partnership interest with a major hospital group in France (13 hospitals including a clinical study & product usage for bariatric surgery patients)
  • Nutrimis weight loss communities reach 250,000 members, across the app and Facebook groups.
  • Labelled as French Tech Rise most promising health tech companies in France
  • Launch of the professional dashboard with 3,500 dietitians qualified leads
  • French national press including Virgin Radio France

Monetisation strategy

Nutrimis revenues come from three channels:

  • Our platform for dietitians has a monthly subscription fee of 59 EUR. An additional 15% of the consultation fee is taken when we introduce a new patient to a dietician.
  • Our social mobile application has a Premium feature with a monthly subscription fee of 29 EUR, allowing you to be followed by a dietician twice a month.
  • We aim to have 500k overweight users and 1,000 dietitians by the end of the year. As well as weight-loss related brands willing to promote with monthly paid advertising campaigns through our channels.

Use of proceeds

Your support and funding will help democratise healthy weight loss.

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The amount raised will be used to fund the following activities:

  • SALES & MARKETING: 65% of the funds will be used to drive growth, develop the acquisition of healthcare professionals and strengthen our sales and marketing teams
  • TECHNOLOGY: 17% of the funds will be used to grow our technical team, boost our R&D and complete our technological solutions in an efficient way
  • OPERATIONS: 18% of the funds will be used for daily operations

Our stretch goals if we go over our target:

Employment of additional talent over the next 12 months to accelerate our international expansion:

  • Increase our sales team
  • Further investment in marketing
  • Hire more engineers to increase and accelerate our tech capabilities


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