It’s not easy to change drinking habits. But with a 95% success rate, OYNB is now a leading alcohol habit-change programme. OYNB is looking to raise investment for their expansion into other verticals and become the go-to for health, wellness and empower behaviour change.

  • 80k+ members in 137 countries, 2020 revenue £2.2m (FY'21 £1.8m, P&L -£1.06m)
  • Featured in BBC, ITV, Men’s Health and many more
  • Crowdfunding previously raised £1,815,980 from 511 investors
  • 85% growth in Alcohol-Free Challenge sales (Feb - June 21)


It’s an inescapable fact that drinking is part & parcel of most work, social & family gatherings. Despite this acceptability, excess drinking is responsible for 3m deaths per year, 5.1% of all diseases & costs £52bn to the UK economy alone.

Of 2.4bn worldwide drinkers, we estimate that around 40% do so hazardously.

Via affordable email & video-led challenges, we help customers confront problematic drinking & develop new health & lifestyle habits.

Research with Stirling University revealed that of those completing OYNB challenges (823 individuals), 95% improved their relationship with alcohol & 83% remained alcohol-free.


  • Launched bespoke web app (scored <70 NPS) & subscription model to new users
  • Gross profitability up by 1100% (YoY)
  • >230k social media followers
  • Featured in BBC, ITV, Men’s Health & many more

The majority of revenue is generated via B2C Challenges sold in the form of 28/90/365 day challenges & ongoing subscription offerings. Other revenue comes from courses, coaching events & merch.

Our aim is to become the go-to support platform for health, wellbeing & enabling behaviour change.

During the COVID lockdown, ⅕ of people reported drinking more, while ⅓ cut down or stopped altogether; both groups present opportunities.

This round seeks to consolidate our growth & improve our technology as we continue to develop our product & reach millions of people globally.


OYNB began when Ruari Fairbairns, a London-based oil broker, took a break from alcohol and realised how much of life he had been missing out on.

The company was founded and the rest is history!

Here are a few key members:

Richard Harris, Chairman

Richard was notably a founder of Cognito which he led from a start up to an acquisition at a £40m valuation. Richard also currently holds board roles in health tech, messaging and telecoms security businesses serving global markets.

Ruari Fairbairns, Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and former senior oil broker. Ruari gave up drinking after excessive consumption almost cost him his life and marriage. The positive impact of going alcohol-free improved his relationships, work success and energy levels, leading him to found OYNB to provide a support network for others.

Mairi McCallum, Head of Growth (part-time)

Digital product growth expert. Mairi has spent more than a decade managing, directing and growing digital products across a range of leading innovative tech companies. She recently joined OYNB to lead the next stage of digital growth as the platform evolves.

Oyinda Bamgbose, Senior Product Manager

Product and start-up expert. Oyinda has experience across e-commerce and B2B Saas in a customer experience role and is passionate about building products customers love. She is focused on enhancing the user-experience of the OYNB programmes.