OLIVER’s mission is to democratise talent evolution & injury prevention for the 270 million non-elite footballers. Combining a small GPS tracker with Sport Science, OLIVER gives 30+ tailored insights post matches & training. Trusted by top academies in Europe, and looking to scale in the UK & USA.

  • Addressable market of 250 Million football players
  • +30 Clients including Real Madrid, RC Celta & AS Roma academies
  • Backed as Commercial Ambassador by Brazil world champion & former FC Barcelona, Edmilson.
  • Selected by Amazon vendor and Hardware Club


Tired of being eliminated from football tournaments, I, Oliver’s CEO, decided to incorporate trackers to help my team perform better. My only options were either GPS tailored for the elite or generic wearables. In our analysis, these products are difficult to use and expensive.

They validated the problems that a lack of data brings to the global market of 270M non-elite footballers: it’s hard to improve what you can’t measure and recurring injuries that can be avoided.

Oliver was born to democratize talent evolution. Combining a smart tracker, located in the player's sock, with AI algorithms which translated it into actionable insights; hosted under an easy-to-digest UX.

In 2019 the team raised €400k including well-known business angels in Spain like Albert Armengol and Fernando Pons to manufacture the first batch of 2,200 units.

Since the market launch in July 2020, it never stop selling the ‘Hardware as a Service’ to more than 30 teams, male and female, including Real Madrid Campus, RC Celta and Nacional Uruguay; achieving €9k/month recurring revenue (2021: €116k revenue, -€34k EBITDA), 1,5k registered users, and key partnerships with stakeholders like Cantabria's Federation.

In early 2021 OLIVER launched the B2C model thanks to a deal with Amazon.

Now, OLIVER is raising to grow, hiring top talent across marketing & sales and aiming to manufacture a further 5k units.


Jose Gonzalez Ruzo | CEO & Co-founder

Experienced entrepreneur. Jose Co-founded different tech companies before, like Fligoo, an AI company in the US. His creative mindset leads the company to its vision.

Agustin Rozadas | COO & co-founder

He runs operations and administration. Passionate footballer, he knows everything about the football market.

Ezequiel Torti | CTO & co-founder

An experienced but young Data Scientist. Worked at a successful AI startup from Spain.

Candelaria Asis | HR leader

An enthusiastic and fresh internal leader.

Ignacio Fernandez | Head of Product

A former pro football player with a background in sport science and physical training.

Lucas Mancini | Head of Hardware

An authentic hardware expert. Electronic engineer with passion about firmware, IoT and experience working with mobility startups.