ooono® connects drivers across +50 countries allowing them to share traffic observations without using a mobile phone. More than 5M drivers already share information via a database that ooono® accesses which helps prevent accidents, speeding and unpleasant surprises. In the last 12 months ooono® has turned over 5.4M€.

  • +330.000 units sold since 2018 // 5.4€M turnover in the last 12 months
  • Backed by the founders of Just-Eat, Autobutler and GoMore
  • Available at key retailers MediaMarkt & Saturn
  • Secured key partnerships with & EasyPark


We’ve all been there, letting our focus slip for a brief moment while driving. This can be dangerous and expensive, so how can we help each other know vital traffic information and avoid unpleasant surprises on the road? The answer is ooono®.

ooono® is complex technology made simple. It accesses an independent database of millions of drivers, allowing you to benefit from their observations on your daily commute. With just one click, you can report accidents, speed cameras and road hazards. And ooono® automatically alerts you of the same, with an alarm beep and blink. ooono® acts as your co-driver, so you can keep your eyes on the road without using a phone or opening a traffic app.

This Amazon bestseller is more than just a device. It's the story of a powerful community that now spans 50 countries. In June 2019 it launched into Germany and has sold +150K more units, trading profitably from April 2020 (+134K€ EBITDA last 12 months). ooono® welcomed +20K new users last month, is rated Excellent on Trustpilot and is already available at key retailers MediaMarkt & Saturn.

Estimates show there are +300M vehicles in use across Europe, each of which could be the next ooono® user.

ooono’s ambition is to connect cars across the globe, and with the backing of Just-Eat founders, Jesper Buch & Henrik Østergaard, Autobutler founder, Christian Legêne and YOU, this is exactly what ooono can do!


ooono® is founded with an ambition to create convenient tech-solutions that ease everyday life. Our team consists of 19 dedicated specialists with strong competencies within software development, product design, marketing & management.

Christian Walther Øyrabø, Founder: Acknowledged Danish serial entrepreneur and former chairman of the Danish Entrepreneur Association. Founded and sold one of the first electronic parking disc companies.

André Medborg, Product Designer: Has designed products that are currently used by car-owners all across Europe.

Tanja Kreuzfeldt, Creative Director: Extensive experience within graphic design and Christian's wing-woman over the years. Tanja makes sure to connect all the dots at ooono®.

Nicklas Sørensen, CMO: Successfully grew ooono®s eCommerce business from 0 to 5M€ in 12 months.

Søren Reinke, Lead Developer: Senior backend developer with experience from companies like GlobalConnect and NNIT. Manages a team of three in-house developers.

Guerilla Capital, investor: ooono® is backed by Just-Eat founders, Jesper Buch & Henrik Østergaard, GoMore founder, Matias Møl Dalsgaard and Autobutler founder Christian Legêne, all of which act as advisors and support the growth of ooono®.