Opportunity Network exists to provide equal growth opportunities to every CEO. Growing 70% YOY, our platform connects 32,000+ qualified CEOs in 130+ countries to $295Bn worth of commercial, financials & M&A deals listed in our platform. Opportunity Network aims to be for CEOs what Amazon is for consumers & Alibaba for Wholesalers.

  • Potential transactions for a single B2B and M&A deal ranges between ($50k-$500M)
  • $295Bn+ of available platform deal flow, 72k+ connections growing 100% YoY (2014-2019)
  • CEOs screened by financial institutions—i.e. UBS, Credit Suisse, Visa
  • Team of 44 Full-time Employees


Opportunity Network is a digital network that exists to provide equal growth business opportunities to every CEO. Our 32,000+ members are C-Level decision makers pre-screened by financial institutions (including UBS, ABN Amro and Visa).

Before Opportunity Network existed, decision-makers spent a lot of time finding, screening, and connecting to growth or investment opportunities, often wasting their time or risking frauds.

Since its inception, the platform has been growing its member-base 70% YoY (2014-2019) and aims to be the fastest, cheapest and most reliable way for CEOs to connect with their business counterparts.

Its algorithm matches CEOs to other decision-makers with their shared business needs around any B2B need transaction above $50k, including:

  • Raise & Invest capital
  • Buy & sell products and services
  • M&A or real estate

The potential transactions for a single B2B and M&A deal ranges between 50k-500M, bigger than the retail and wholesale markets.

Today 86% of deals find at least 1 counterparts in 48hs. Our goal is to reach full scale by the end of 2020 (50k members) where we plan to be able to find 10 counterparts for 95% of deals in 1h.

Opportunity Network has been featured in Forbes, CNBC, Financial Times, The Economist. Its CEO has been a speaker at WEF in the past 4 editions (2016-2020) as well as at the MWC (2017).


Founded in 2014 by CEO and former BCGer Brian Pallas, Opportunity Network began as a newsletter at Columbia Business School, where Pallas saw the potential in anonymously connecting the Family Business Club members.

Board of Directors include:

Lionel Aré Senior Partner and Managing Director of BCG and their Global Digital Leader

Matteo Stefanel Founder & co-Managing Director at Apis Partners, and member of WEF's Global Agenda Council

Bob Sherman Former US Ambassador in Portugal & Special Counsel for the US State Attorney General

Marco Cartolari Board of various organizations & Co-founder of Scharper Pharmaceuticals

Paolo Rohr Director of a leading price comparison website in Italy

Kevin Steinberg Co-founder of WEF USA, former Head of Client Services at Spencer-Stewart

Management team accumulates 80+ years of experience:

Alberto Constans COO Worked at BCG, PwC, Barclays, and Cimpress focused on digital transformation and banking

Alvaro Marin CXO Founding member

Salvador de la Rosa VP Digital Acquisition Our Digital growth expert that created the biggest opinion panel in LATAM

Nizami Namazov VP Business Development Designed incentive-based commercial model in fintech to secure partnerships with large financial institutions

Alberto Gonzalez VP Account Management had Experience at Twitter

Fredrik Svensson Chief Technology Officer

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