Orbital Marine Power’s award winning tidal turbines harness the immense energy flowing in tidal streams and rivers. The first half of 2020 saw >£100bn invested in renewable energy projects. Aiming to deliver endless, predictable, low carbon power, Orbital technology could help turn the tide on climate change.

  • Orbital's O2 is designed to deliver enough power for up to 2,000 homes
  • Worlds most powerful tidal turbine fully funded and in construction
  • 2MW prototype met up to 25% of electricity demand on Orkney
  • Proven, award winning & IP protected low carbon tidal power technology


Fresh from the break-through success of its 2MW prototype, which produced a record breaking 3.2 GW hours of energy during its test program, enough to power almost 900 UK homes, Orbital is now nearing completion of its first commercial 2MW O2 turbine. The O2 has been designed to power more homes, at lower marginal cost, is fully funded, in late stage construction, on budget and due to be installed in 2021.

To tackle climate change, the world’s economies are predicted to invest over £8trillion in new renewable power generation equipment between now and 2050. Unlike other renewables, tides are driven by the orbits of the earth and moon rather than intermittent weather conditions, so tidal power may be predicted years in advance supporting project economics and the growing need for regular electricity supply in power systems around the globe.

The vision is to build on our success to date and focus on delivering turbines and services into a future £20bn per annum utility scale global market for clean, predictable power from tidal streams. River turbines could also meet off-grid power demand from communities, households and electric vehicle charge points.

Orbital is currently delivering £15m of funded design projects to refine its award-winning, IP protected low carbon tidal technology in readiness to scale up and play its part in meeting ever-increasing demand for clean power.


During its mission to turn the tide on climate change Orbital has built an experienced team to deliver tidal stream technology and projects. With its experienced Board, Orbital is ready to deliver.

Andrew Scott - Orbital CEO since 2015 with over 15 years' experience in marine renewables. Since joining, Orbital has won numerous industry awards under his leadership. Mechanical Engineer

Chris Milne - Orbital CFO since 2016, after 7 years with KPMG M&A in London, plus almost a decade of senior experience from the FTSE 100 utility sector and energy focussed private equity. Chartered Accountant

Oliver Wragg - Commercial Director since 2020, with many years experience in marine renewable technology and science. Awarded the Lennard-Senior Prize in the field of marine energy by The Society of Underwater Technology in 2012. Environmental Scientist

Mark McCarthy - Operations Director since 2018 with significant experience in manufacturing and building energy systems including waste to energy (W2E) plants. Previous roles at Rolls Royce and SSE. Fellow of Manufacturing Management

Trevor Walls - Engineering Manager since 2018. Joined Orbital in 2007 leading all electrical and control elements of every turbine since then plus now managing the full Orbital engineering programme. Electrical Engineer