94% of films are independent, but only 3.4% are profitable. aims to be the Netflix of independent films by launching new independent films daily into the $161bn global streaming market. Fans can reward creators through micropayments, events & NFTs. Fundraising for marketing & to build a product roadmap.

  • 3.7k+ unique filmmakers & TV creators e.g. Sir Ian McKellen & David Tennant
  • Backed by a US VC and key media executives
  • Founder has former experience at Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. & Universal
  • Streaming market is expected grow to $161bn by 2022 at a CAGR of 55%


Paus is an on-demand, live streaming service operating in a sector expected to grow at 55% (CAGR) globally. Instead of monthly subscriptions or adverts, we aim to disrupt traditional streaming models that can leave up to 97% of independent films without a profit. Creators can monetize their fans directly through virtual micropayments, ticketed live events & NFTs, of which we take a 20% fee.

Whilst at Universal Studios, Warner Bros & Sony Pictures, our founder, Rishi Kapoor, noticed a gap in the market for independent content. The sector has faced financial pressures from the broken economics of traditional streaming models, and the increasing tendency for streamers to prefer sure fire blockbusters & more commercialised content.

After a successful raise on Crowdcube last year, we launched on iOS, Android & Web in Dec 20. Since then, we have:

  • Worked with 3.7k+ unique filmmakers whose films have starred actors like Sir Ian McKellen, David Tennant & producers like Sadie Frost
  • Secured content to continue launching 3+ new films & TV series everyday, 7 days a week
  • Partnered with one of the world's largest digital media players, Roku, who have an audience of 55m households
  • Grown app downloads by +5% every week
  • Achieved an average user tip of >£13 / $17

VC backed, we are fundraising to accelerate our marketing strategy & hire more technical staff to build out the product roadmap.


Our team has a wealth of experience across the film and technology sector with a unified mission to democratise the content sector.

Rishi Kapoor (Founder & CEO): A media professional who has spent his career working with Sony Pictures, Universal Studios & Warner Bros.

Stephanie Forrest (Contract CMO & Investor): Former B2B communications lead for Motorola and Founder of Think Feel Do; a global marketing consultancy focused on disruptive technology.

Matthew O'Connor (Advisor): Current Vice President at NTT Group & Former CEO of Edit TV. Matthew is an experienced Senior Manager in media, content distribution and technology.

Paul Morrissey (Chairman): Veteran technology innovation entrepreneur & film producer. Successfully sold a series of international Telco & Tech operations and is a recognised international business leader in media content distribution.

Kam Bhogal: Senior roles within several communications teams; MTV, Discovery Networks, Nokia UK, Microsoft & Babylon Health

Tom Leach (Part-Time): Experienced marketer & advisor for SMEs & venture-backed start-ups. Recognised as 'Young Change Maker' by Thrive Global & 'Top Social Media Start-up to watch in 2021.