Pawprint empowers employees to fight climate change at work, home and beyond. Since its 2020 crowdfund, Pawprint has secured 31 customers (including Brewdog, Tesco Bank and Royal London) and supported them in saving an estimated 184 tonnes of CO2e. Now raising funds to scale the business in the UK and globally.

  • This opportunity’s estimated total addressable market is worth £57bn
  • Pawprint has strong initial traction with 31 customers
  • They aim to scale in the UK and globalise their app
  • Now is the world's last chance to address climate change


In the words of Sir David Attenborough, this is our last chance to address climate change. Employees are aware, and are energised to make the necessary changes; 40% would consider changing jobs if their employer didn’t implement sustainable practices (HP research).

Pawprint helps businesses harness the passion their employees have to fight climate change and channel it towards their climate targets. With employees on board, these organisations can pivot faster, and with more agility, to meet the changing demands of society and our planet. With an estimated TAM of £57b and 31 paying customers (including Brewdog, Tesco Bank and Royal London) already signed, we’re confident we’ve validated a significant and untapped opportunity with Pawprint for Business.

Support during our last crowdfund was so great, we overfunded to 274%. This allowed us to build a world-class team of 28 people -- including 2 ex-unicorn execs, 3 proven entrepreneurs, and a high pedigree Advisory Board -- as well as our B2B product.

Now we’re asking you to invest so we can expand globally. We've validated a significant opportunity in the UK, and are now seeking to expand fast overseas, with the USA our first target; we want to grow quickly to fully capitalise on the opportunity.

A global product means engaging more people with the biggest challenge of our lifetime.

We’re stepping up; will you step up with us?


Prof. Mike Berners-Lee, Scientific Advisor, is an expert on carbon footprinting and the author of a number of books including How Bad Are Bananas.

Ross MacNay, Financial Consultant (part-time), is an experienced FCCA and Financial Director at Scotbet.

Mark McCafferty, Head of Key Relationships, is a former VP of Research at Wood MacKenzie which sold for £1.85bn.

Douglas Cook, Head of Marketing & Ops, is the former Director of Growth at Skyscanner which sold for £1.4bn.

Sarah Ronald, Non-Exec, is the MD of Nile HQ. She’s an expert in proposition development and customer experience design.