Pedal Me use unique e-cargo bikes in combination with trained employees to provide a fast, clean on-demand service to help move both people and goods around London. Heading out of Covid, the future looks bright and they're raising to enable to scale and find efficiencies to continue their growth.

  • City & Guilds assured training launched to the open market
  • API now allows for 3rd party integration, opening us to partnerships
  • Revenues tripling annually pre-Covid period (to £650k, P&L -£338k YE 2020)
  • Global media highlights include BBC News, Financial Times, Volkskrant


We are not just any logistics company. We are Pedal Me, offering the every-mile, e-cargo bike solution in cities, and we can help to solve the issue of excess polluting, congesting motor journeys.

Regardless of vehicle, or operator - we pride ourselves on carrying the payloads of a small van by bike, covering distances at a pace motor vehicles cannot match. Since founding in 2017 we've grown to 50 staff and 52 bikes. With our City & Guilds 'assured' training we have an academy that establishes us as a centre of excellence, creating, we believe, riders with both vital and unparalleled skills.

These riders, combined with our bespoke bikes, trailers, proprietary tech, and the preferential access that newly installed infrastructure in the city provides, allow us to deliver larger cargo AND passengers door to door, at speed.

All this comes with a tiny fraction of the emissions.

We have featured in global print media and the BBC.

Coronavirus has stunted growth significantly (Revenue for YE Feb 2021: £657k, P&L -£660k), but the future looks bright with us picking up where we left off before the interruption.

Government policy, infrastructure, and the ground swell of movement towards greener logistics point to the market either using our service, or our training consultancy to find out how to integrate cargo bikes themselves.


CEO Ben Knowles and Training Director Chris Dixon continue at the helm, and in Spring 2020 Andy Boulanger was recruited as Chief Technology Officer.

Ben - has previous lives as a chemist and transport planner, before bootstrapping Pedal Me. His focus is improving both the lives of all through service, and the access to green mobility, executing all he does with a fanatical eye for detail.

Chris - leads the training team, and is responsible for setting the riding standards in the company. He trained as a National Standards Cycling Instructor in 2012, before meeting Ben and delivering the Camden Community Cycling Project.

Andy (part time) - with a background using geo-spatial analysis and forecasting, aims to drive innovation and efficiency through technology for the company.

Our motivation is to help cities change by showing a way to transition from motor vehicles while making movement easier for individuals and businesses. Motor vehicles cause so many ills; congestion, poor air quality, KSIs, sedentary lifestyle, infrastructure damage, and society has to foot the bill for them through taxation, with our health, and most crucially of all, the health of the planet.

We have found a working solution that can bring both significant efficiency to the marketplace, and positive social and environmental change.