Perfino makes artisan jewellery that combines with wonderful natural scents to become your own personal diffuser. Aiming to disrupt the fragrance & jewellery industries, they're raising to grow their team and product range, boost sales & marketing activities, and set up a membership service.

  • $310bn global jewellery/perfume market. Est.17m UK women wear perfume
  • 1/3 are intolerant to synthetic chemicals typically used in perfumes
  • Trademarked in the UK. Awarded £10k Virgin Startup loan
  • Founder featured in the BBC’s CEO Secrets and Radio 4 Business Matters


Studies show that 1/3 of us are intolerant to synthetic chemicals and that up to 60% of these chemicals may be absorbed into the bloodstream. This can make commercial perfumes a gamble.

Inspired by the markets of Cochin, Perfino was created to allow fragrance lovers to enjoy natural scents with no skin contact. Each pendant comes with 6 super-absorbent lava stones and a bottle of expertly blended natural essential oils. Simply add a drop to a stone, put it in the pendant, and enjoy a wonderful scent all day long. New oils will be introduced regularly, allowing repeat sales opportunities unusual to the jewellery sector.

The global jewellery and perfume markets are worth $310bn combined. With product innovation and online sales leading growth trends, and with born digital overshadowing legacy brands, our aim is to disrupt. M&A targets in the FMCG sector are moving to challenger brands as consumer appetite evolves towards innovation and authenticity.

With scope for retail, promising early sales have been D2C. We're raising to fund marketing and sales activity, launch new products, and grow our team. We then aim to expand internationally and partner with or sell to a large FMCG. Join us on our journey as we share our natural, unique creations with the world.


Kim Brookes, Founder (moving to full time after this raise)

  • Trained perfume blender
  • Experienced in international corporate finance
  • Co-founder of gift list registry
  • Extensive experience of advising and supporting startups
  • Set up the University of the West of England's graduate incubator in 2017, which has supported over 50 businesses, with over £1.8m funds raised by its residents and employment created for more than 90 people

Neil Rayment, Advisor

  • Founder/Owner of Adamas Studio, full-service silversmith
  • Experienced jewellery designer and manufacturer
  • Practitioner of integrating CAD technology and rapid prototyping into the jewellery-making process
  • Experience in working with overseas manufacturers

Thomas Kerfoot, Advisor

  • Commercial director of two family-owned essential oils businesses. Part of the Kerfoot group
  • Culture of change and sustainability advocate

Leandro Cabrini, Advisor

  • Founder and CEO, Wild Yeast Media
  • Practitioner in luxury brand social media marketing
  • Virgin Startup business mentor

Ed Ferris, Advisor

  • Director of family-owned Burrells jewellers
  • Largest privately-owned jeweller in Southern England
  • Pandora jewellery franchise holder - 20 stores