1.7 billion people around the globe do not have a bank account, and 11 million are financially underserved by mainstream banks in the UK. Pockit is building an all-in-one financial membership that works for the many. With over 500K registered users, Pockit is crowdfunding to make better financial services accessible to even more people.

  • Over 500k registered users to date
  • Transactional value of over £1BN
  • Backed by investors who have also invested in Spotify, Bolt and Telegram
  • Over a third of our growth comes from word of mouth


11 million people struggle with restricted access to financial services in the UK. This exclusion heightens poverty and inhibits social mobility, and Pockit believes it is one of the least discussed social problems of our age. Pockit is on a mission to change this.

Virraj Jatania’s family has conducted a lot of business in emerging markets, seeing firsthand the challenges faced by people with no access to a current account, who rely on cash, cheques or family accounts to manage their income. This need sparked the idea to build a solution.

Pockit offers its 500,000 registered users access to a current account they can open in minutes. With a Pockit contactless prepaid Mastercard®, customers can send and receive money, make payments online and in-store. They can also send money abroad to over 29 countries.

But this is only the beginning. Since launching in 2014, Pockit has built partnerships to enable customers to improve their credit scores and earn cashback when shopping for essentials.

Pockit has raised over £24M so far from leading investors. This investment has allowed Pockit to scale and process over £1B in transactions for users.

Pockit does not plan to stop here and will continue scaling the business, which is why it is fundraising. This crowdfund will allow them to reach the next step of their journey to provide smarter financial services to even more people across the globe.


Virraj Jatania, CEO: Virraj is co-founder and CEO of Pockit. He is passionate about financial inclusion having grown up in emerging markets and witnessed the struggles of underserved communities.

Maxim Kostenko, VP of Product: Maxim has product and design experience in startups, building products in the utility switching and banking space.

Shaheen Meah, Finance Director: Years of experience in financial services and FinTech startups covering accounting, treasury, financial operations, securitisation and strategy.

Guilherme Winspear, Head of Marketing: Guilherme has clocked up years of digital marketing experience helping to scale businesses like Just Eat and Adzuna.

Chris Baines, VP of Compliance & Operations, MLRO, DPO: 12 years of experience in financial services and FinTech scale up businesses. He specialises in Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, Risk, Payments, Data Protection and general management.

Denis Shanfranik, Board Member: Investment Partner at Concentric, a European VC investing in digital technology companies.

Mark Newton Jones, Board Member: former Principal at Next Plc. Currently a NED on the supervisory board of IKEA.

Graeme Shankland, Board Member: Managing Director of private equity firm Caird Capital.

Ian Langley, Board Member: founded Air Energi, a specialist energy workforce solutions provider in 1988. Currently Co-Chairman at Airswift Group post-merger.