Power Transition is a specialist cloud-based software and hardware platform that enables peer-2-peer energy trading and microgrid management with superior customer security and very high transactional speeds. The platform can provide its customers with up to 20% energy cost savings vs other methods..

  • UK's energy evolution offers big technology investment opportunities
  • Provides multiple revenue streams: transactions, licensing, service
  • Creates shared energy savings and empowerment to the customer
  • The system is scalable from a single home to national level


The Power Transition (PT) platform is designed for domestic/global markets and can service the end customers’ needs across the entire energy supply chain. Currently focusing on the UK residential & commercial market of 1.25million meter readings daily, £1.5 billion of customers’ funds annually, and the management of interconnections throughout the UK. Our platform could potentially handle even more transactions by creating real time feeds of all data.

Founded in 2018, PT’s platform uses integrated (IoT) hardware and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), our research suggests we can achieve superior tracking of energy production, transmission, storage and consumption. The platform enables processing and management of financial and non-financial transactions.

In 2018 PT raised seed funding, matched by Innovate UK. Funds are being used to develop and deploy its technology in 47 homes in Corby. PT now plans to roll out its platform beyond the microgrid use case and is talking to commercial estates, local authorities, Distributed Network Operators, energy aggregators, and producers.

Key milestones:

  • Implementing PT integrated Microgrid as a Service platform in houses in Corby and global DLT Network
  • Proof of scalability of platform from single home to national grid level

Metrics have been validated by Cardiff University and media coverage includes Innovate UK & Hedera Hashgraph


We combine the forces needed to democratise energy within a profitable business framework:

Anthony Morgan (Full-time post funding), CEO

As the natural team leader, has years of experience in renewable energy technologies, earning him industry awards, such as the International Energy Research Centre award for Renewable Energy Innovation.

Jiro Olcott, CTO

A veteran of financial services systems, Jiro has created a design & development team in blockchain-cryptocurrencies and forged powerful relationships in this fledgling industry.

Karl Walker (Part-time), COO

Karl has championed award winning sustainable building and infrastructure projects at AECOM. He has a successful track record in Start-Up management for Clean Energy ventures.

Bryan Spooner (part-time), CSO

Bryan’s wealth of experience in Sustainability Impact Assessment includes the Eden Project. He has established triple-bottom-line reporting by integrating Financial and Non-Financial reporting standards.

Dr Ian Chilvers, Engineering Principal (Advisor)

With experience developing Smart Grid solutions, Ian has experience in the development of battery storage intelligent control, allowing the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) at the grid edge.

Dr Muditha Abeysekera, Academic Principal

Muditha directs advanced research in the design & operation of integrated multi-energy systems.