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The future of meet and greets.

Key Information
Location London, United Kingdom
Employees 1 - 5
Website qjam.com
Target Amount £400,000
Pre-money valuation £2,250,000
Schemes SEIS/EIS
Target close date 31 Jan 2022



The company aims to be the go to app for the world to engage with their heroes.


Record shops are closing. Fanbases are now more global than ever. Creators need to build a relationship with their fans to turn them into life long followers who support their every move. At the same time, creators need to find new ways to earn money in exchange for fan experiences.


QJAM brings meet & greets into the digital age by allowing fans to live video chat with their heroes, receive digital signings and chat with thousands of other fans.


CEO: Toby Harris

Over 15 years music industry experience working with global artists including Moby, Robyn and OMD.

CTO: Yusuf Tör

iOS developer with over 10 years experience in creating apps that users love.

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