With over 3,000 brands and 225k registered users, Qoala is a free browser extension & mobile app that automatically rewards users while shopping online with the aim to help ecommerce sites to improve their conversion rates, having generated more than 2.7M€ in GMV.

  • Grew user base from 45k in 2020 to over 225k in 2021
  • Grew to over 3.000 clients in 2021
  • Backed by top VC’s such as Draper and Plug&Play
  • B-Corp certified and more than 75k trees planted


Qoala is a free browser extension that rewards the user automatically in the form of cash-back and coupons when shopping online. Qoala solves two problems simultaneously for brands and users. Users don't have to go searching for coupons online, saving time and money and our objective is to develop a tool that can help brands improve conversion rates.

We believe that our value proposition is a win-win-win, as the user saves money while doing purchases they were already going to make and we make a commission on every purchase.

This value proposition and model has allowed us to grow since being founded in late 2019. Qoala can work with over 3,000 sites from top brands (such as AliExpress, Nike & Asos) for whom we have generated more than 2.7M€ in GMV (87k revenue and -589k EBITDA in 2021). In 2 years we've gone from 500 to 225k users becoming the market leader in the Spanish market and with a strong presence in Latin America. This year, we were selected as one of the 100 finalists of South Summit 2021 and were the winners of PCC Startup Booster, one of Spain's largest startup competitions, as well as appearing in top media such as Business Insider..

We're fundraising to help hit our 2022 goals and through our partnership with Ecologi we hope to become climate positive. Join us.


The idea came to Rafa (CEO) as he had a bad experience while looking for coupons online. He realized that finding coupons that worked for his online purchases was difficult, as, in his opinion, they were hard to find among thousands of coupon sites and the ones he did find were either expired or not applicable. Together; Rafa, Pablo and Koen believe to have found a gap in the loyalty market. They believe that current loyalty solutions were obsolete and static for an online shopper that was becoming more dynamic. This led them to start Qoala, a solution that accompanies the user in their shopping journey and offers brands a dynamic loyalty option.

Before founding Qoala, Rafa was the founder of a restaurant business. Pablo developed his experience to become CTO of Qoala at LionHeart, a UK software development start-up, where he was a developer for 3 years. Previous to founding Qoala, Koen (COO) was a marketing growth lead in the Spanish unicorn Glovo. Marcos, Qoala's CRO also comes from Glovo, where he was instrumental in launching Glovo groceries, currently one of their main business lines.

World-class investors have also put their trust and resources in Qoala. These include top VCs such as DraperB1, Plug&Play & Abac Nest as well as leading business angels such as Andreas Mihalovits and Alberto Gutierrez.